Tuesday 14 October 2014

Yawning Cat

Just a placeholder post. I ought to be writing up Pathfinder, but it's the end of a chapter and I think I won't be playing Svetlana for a while so I'm holding off doing it because I really love her and don't want to let go just yet!

To help us (as players) see the way our characters are shaping the world, we'll be playing other characters elsewhere for a bit. Husbit (Alexei) has a drow gunslinger prepared. Bells (Aaron) I believe will be a druid. Not sure what Paul (Kieran) is looking at and I'm similarly torn... so far, am looking at a skald (possibly half-orc) because I've always wanted to play a barbarian/bard, a traditional archery-based ranger (an elf, with the vague thought that she could be one of Svetlana's half-sisters), a spell-less, two-weapon ranger (I've done her as an ifrit, but need to run it by Rich), and a white necromancer (human) because it intrigues me. Will do each of them a character post at some point, but what I'm doing is putting them together and sending them off to the GM and will play whichever best suits the party balance. It probably won't be the white necromancer: Rich wants us to be able to survive as individuals and her hitpoints are low.

Anyway, whilst I pluck up the courage to say goodbye to Svetlana (even if it's not forever...), here's a photo of the Cat.

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