Wednesday 25 March 2015


Last week it occurred to me that I forgot to wish Paul (who plays Kieran in regular Pathfinder and Sam in the Interlude) a happy birthday in the way back when of his birthday... It occurred to me because my birthday was coming up and Bells's (aka Aaron in Pathfinder, Tanna in the Interlude and Adam in Aberrant) was having his. Bells was kind enough to agree to share his celebrations with me, and we had a little group trip to Thorpe Park. Because I'm rubbish at organise, I forgot to invite many people and it ended up being Husbit, Bells, Paul, my brother (who used to play Chester Goldhawk) and I. We had a really lovely day.

The spirals really caught my eye

Husbbit and Brother, loveable reprobates that they are. I don't like Stealth, but they do.

and the sunset on the way home was beautiful
Was in work for my actual birthday - got in and my desk was all covered in sparkles with a balloon and a banner, which was lovely. Went out for a meal with Husbit's family that evening and will be having a house-based picnic with mine in a couple of weeks. I've got various more birthday plans coming up, too - for me and for other friends. Laser Quest and meals and board games and hopefully bowling (if I can get a bit more organised). 

And, just because, here's some photos of the Cat. She's currently hiding under the blanket.

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