Friday 3 July 2015

Musical A-Z - P (Updated)

As you may haev seen, I won something over on RPG Knights! Am currently downloading my prize and thought I'd get this sorted while I wait... I think DriveThruRPG is having a bad day!


I recently found out about the racist comments made by the leadsinger and it saddened me because I love their music. I really enjoy this kind of metal and think they are/were very talented. It's left me in a quandry!

Papa Roach

Another song with teenage nostalgia - although much less happy. It was a huge song for me in that it spoke to me about my depression (and connected me deeply with another friend in the same boat). The line "It all started when I lost my mother" cut particularly deeply. But fortunately friends at uni reconnected me with the song and gave it much happier memories. (I didn't go to Reading the year they were there but I had fun when I did go so it seemed an appropriate video)

Paul Weller 

Another bittersweet I'm afraid. I worked in a pub/club during my uni holidays. My boss, guy called Steve, learnt to sing and did Paul Weller covers as 'The Wild Woodsman'. I didn't listen to Paul Weller until after Steve was murdered and his voice has never seemed quite right to me: Steve's just seemed that bit stronger. He's someone I miss a lot - one of the best bosses I've ever had. Club never seemed quite the same without him.


May have mentioned before Husbit and I have eclectic but varying musical taste: you've no doubt noticed my strongest preferences are in rock, punk and metal, whilst his are more the dance end of the spectrum. The drum and bass stylings of Pendulum make a good middle ground, and we both really like the band (although he's the only one lucky enough to have seen them). This song will always get me dancing.

I didn't find the actual music video, but this amused me. You might say I'm easily entertained... 

Peter Andre 

Hanson, B*Witched and 5ive... but I think this is the only thing on the list I'm vaguely embarassed by... But again, it's all about the memories, and I was young and foolish and on my first school trip where we stayed away over night. Safely encased in canvas, the girls sang - or rather, shouted - the chorus late at night between the tents, to the annoyance of the teachers, parents and boys.

And that's not a six-pack. What he did was shave some hamsters and tape them to his stomach. Fact. :p

Pink Floyd (updated to include)

Oh my goodness! How could I forget Pink Floyd? They are one of my Dad's favourite bands - possibly his favourite. I grew up listening to them and have always loved this song. I think it's very beautiful. Not seen the video before. 


Turns out I don't know Pitchshifter as well as I thought. Listen to them when I'm out or round friends but turns out I didn't know what any are called! Oh well...


Right up until this morning, the song was going to be Pure Morning. Maybe Bitter End or Meds. But I got Every Me and Every You in my head as I was leaving work so switched. Love Placebo. Bought an issue of Kerrang! in the way back when because it had a Placebo meets Judge Dredd comic and my dad's a Judge Dredd fan. Showed it to him and turned out he already knew and "quite liked" Placebo. The teenage me cheered at that!


Another in the Venn diagram of Husbit & my tastes - although he's just pointed out he thinks this is one of their worst songs. Apparently, his opinion is popular because it didn't get on to the album. I love it though. This and Breathe alternate between top spot as my favourite. Husbit would have picked Voodoo People (and has pointed out I could have mixed it up with Pendulum and given their remix of it).

Professor Elemental

My lovely friend Pat introduced me to the good professor when I was having a bad day a few years back. Been lucky enough to see him live when he played a gig at the end of my local pier. Great fun.


  1. You had me out of the gates with Pantera, totally lost me at Peter Andre, won meback with Placebo and Prodigy. PETER ANDRE AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH.

    1. I know *hangs head in shame*. It is that one song, and it is for the memory of the teachers running round the tiny campsite trying to work out which of us it was. I don't think any of us liked the song even then, and we were target audience!