Thursday 17 September 2015

Not a real post, just an update

I'm pretty stressed at the moment, for various reasons. This is exacerbated by not having had time to write for several days and feeling very behind, which is making me more stressed and making it harder for me to start writing. So rather than writing what I wanted to be writing, I'm giving a quick synopsis of what that would be to try and kickstart me.

Still with me?

I now have 3 Blood Bowl tournaments to write up - Gert, Thrud and Exiles Open. The World Cup is coming up and I've still not decided which team to take: I was torn between Dark Elves and Ogres; now I'm struggling to decide between Ogres and Halflings... (I'm going to do badly whichever team I take, and I'd rather lose with a poor team than get frustrated with a good one. Also, the halfling/ogre models, whilst in dire need of repair, are much nicer than the dark elves).

I've got a short story I've been working on on and off for months. I think I'm going to share the abridged intro either later tonight or tomorrow, depending how long it takes to tidy, as motivation to do more work on it. I know roughly how it goes, I'm just struggling to find the words.

On the fiction front, I appear to be accidentally writing a children's story... I like Jack the Giant Killer folk tales and had half an idea to combine them up with Jack and Jill (of 'went up the hill' fame) and tell adventure stories about a giant-killing duo. And today at work I realised I've got a length together, but it does feel more like a children's story than anything I've written before. Goodness knows if I'll get anywhere, but I'm going to try. 

Turning to roleplay, I desperately need to write up Aberrant before I've actually forgotten it all - but because it's on a break I'm a bit reluctant to because that will make it feel like I'm letting go and I'm not ready to. I do want to finish the write up before I start on Exalted, though, so I need to do it soon so I can capture our characters as they were right at the start (we're having a bit of an Ocarina of Time length timeskip, having completed the 'prologue'). 

Generic characters: I really want to write up Bethany and Eric but again am lacking time. I spent ages trying to draw the image of them I have on my tablet, and then my tablet died. Fortunately, it was recently resurrected and I think one of the earliest drawings (on the basic drawing software that came with the tablet) survived, so that might help motivate me. I've also got a couple of Cyberpunk characters clamouring for attention, and a Deadlands' Huxter, triggered by my recent thoughts of cards as weapons - on which note, I have two more decks to finish writing...

And finally circus! I want to go through old photos and videos and compare to new so I can really show off how far I've come over the past 18 months. I'm really pleased with myself.

As a random question, does anyone know what halflings call themselves? It was annoying me earlier. I could think of hobbits and nothing else. I thought maybe they called themselves man, and us halflings because we're halfway between man and giant, from their perspective. But I'm sure there are other names in other fantasies (kender are like halflings, but not exactly the same).

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  1. No idea on your halfling question, perhaps humble folk or something.

    I thought I was busy. I take my hat off to you :D