Sunday, 15 November 2015

Valeria Black (Deadlands Huxter)

There's talk that we might take a break from Pathfinder and go back to Deadlands in the New Year. When we started Deadlands, the idea  was to take 4 characters each to play through the 4 horsemen. We used a card-based character gen system to create our characters. I still have all 4 of my initial sheets, so there's a question now, do I keep playing Lizbeth Hunter, who survived Coffin Rock, or do I start playing someone new - the tale-teller Solomon Blackbird, maybe, or the unnamed thief, or the haughty Valeria Black?.. 

Valeria is around 25 and earns her money gambling as she travels town to town. Her dark hair and sallow skin suggest she shares blood with a notorious line of huxters - if you believe in that kind of thing.

And Valeria does. She has read Hoyle's Book of Games and knows what cards can do in her hands. It's this knowledge that pushes her onwards: a desire to learn more combined with an unfortunate knack of unsettling those she meets. 

Valeria's parents and younger sister are still alive, also searching for more knowledge: it's something of a family business and she does occasionally run into cousins and the like. There is a wariness in these encounters, but she knows they'd never betray her to someone outside the family. Personal power first, family second - but always family above the world...

Attributes and Skills:
Agility D10
        - Sleight of Hand* D10
Smarts D12
        - Gambling D8
        - Spell Casting* D10
Spirit D8
        - Guts D6
Strength D6
Vigour D8 

*these skills are not from the book, I think, given they're handwritten on my sheet

Curious (major)
All thumbs (minor) (which seems a bit weird for someone I have intended as good at card tricks. I'll need to double check this one: maybe it applies to firearms only?)
Animals hate me

Magic (arcane background)
Card sharp

Arcane Abilities
Deflection/missed me! (attacker takes -2 to shooting/fighting)
Hunch (grants insight into a person or object from reading their cards)
Bolt/sould burst (kinda like magic missile)

2 x decks of playing cards
Brass knuckles
Colt peacemaker (50 rounds)

Worst Nightmare
Startled awake in a strange room. Rise, walk down to the common room. Screams from those within. Look down to see I'm naked but for a coating of drying blood, smeared across me and dripping from my teeth and claws.

Jolt awake again. The joker leaps from the cards and lands beside me, laughing.



  1. Your All Thumbs hindrance applies to modern devices. You automatically break anything mechanical on a skill roll of 1, regardless of the Wild Die. You can still do card tricks, but your gun may fall apart in your hand.
    There is no "spellcasting" skill - you use Smarts to cast your Hexes (spells) - nor is there a Sleight of Hand skill; the closest analogy is Stealth which includes palming objects.

    1. Cool, I'll fix the character sheet as/when I play her. I forgot to add in the writing that she only has the gun for show, so that would match the hindrance :)