Saturday 2 April 2016


Sorry to have been so quiet recently - I've been busy! Not with anything exciting, just busy at work so tired at home, and busy with friends visiting, and it was my birthday recently so I've been busy with books, and I got caught up by a tv show called Trapped whose story telling was so strong I couldn't stop watching! I'm not someone who can just watch tv, though - I'm too much of a fidgit - so I dug out my needles and some yarn homespun by a friend and started knitting... and haven't stopped. The needles are my new bamboo needles and are lovely to work with, whilst the yarns are a mix of fibres, but mostly soft wools like merino or blue faced leicester, but also alpaca and sometimes with things like silk or bamboo mixed in: they're an absolute pleasure to knit with.

My current abilities start and stop at scarves, headbands, and other small items that don't require much shape. My favourite stitch is the moss stitch: it's simple enough that it doesn't require my full attention; the rhythm is hypnotic; and it looks really pretty at the end. YouTube is my friend every time it comes to trying something new - the internet is a wonderful resource and I'm grateful to live in this age. I'm developing a bit of a glut of scarves, though a couple of projects I unpicked rather than binding off because I wanted to reuse the yarn for something more exciting in the future and was just knitting for the pleasure of it. I've got some circular needles I want to try out, and I really want to knit a simple shawl, so knitting's on the cards for at least a little while longer.

I've been suffering a great deal of pain recently. A work health assessment made me realise it's not normal to be in constant pain, but the pain I've been in has been worse than the low level I'm used to. A friend with Ehler Danlos Syndrome has been trying for some time to get me to get a diagnosis of the same, but from what I've read I think I actually have generic Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, which is sometimes conflated with EDS and it's not clear if they're the same or not, but if they are then it's the one with the fewest really horrible symptoms. However, I do have nearly all the symptoms of JHS (never suffered a dislocation), and it explains nearly all my health problems (not asthma or depression, but basically everything else) and a few of the nicer things too, like how people never believe I'm as old as I am - and I love being hypermobile. So I have a GP's appointment week after next and I'm hoping they'll diagnose me there and then, but they might need to refer me onwards. Not that a diagnosis will mean much, but I'm one of those people who feels better with a name for things. 

One of the best things is that exercises like yoga, pilates, dance and aerial circus are recommended for JHS as they build core strength (particularly around the joints) and keep you moving and stretching, which is best (and against the intuitive idea that you should keep the joints still: I know from experience that causes me a lot more pain. This is why physiotherapy is often recommended, but you are advised to seek a specialist who understands your body's requirements).

My favourite birthday message came from my friend Troll Chris (of I Love the Corps): "A new level is acquired. Due to all the acrobatics, I suggest another level in Rogue. (Also, Happy Fern-Day.)". I think I'll take his advice, even if my skill points are going into knitting and computer programming.


  1. Happy birthday! You don't have a disease, you're just an undiagnosed Nova with Mega-Dexterity (flexibility enhancement) ;)

  2. Happy birthday! You don't have a disease, you're just an undiagnosed Nova with Mega-Dexterity (flexibility enhancement) ;)

    1. =D I've long joked that my super powers are mega-dex and high pain threshold (as confirmed by various masseur'y types).