Sunday 5 March 2017

If I were a Blood Bowl character...

Yesterday was the annual Bubba Bowl Blood Bowl tournament in Bristol. I didn't make it, but wanted to play with this year's concept: bring yourself as a player!

The idea was to take a normal character from the team you were bringing, then spend to raise the players value up to 150k, based on you.

Husbit took Undead and designed himself as a caffeine-addicted zombie. To replicate the caffiene-high, the zombie has 2 movement increases and Jump Up, and 'Needs Coffee' (a flavour-reskin of 'Really Stupid'), as well as both Dirty Player and Sneaky Git. He had great time and ended 9th out of 32, which he was pleased with.

I've been trying to think about what I'd do. A quick check shows a regular skill adds 20k, a double skill 30k and a stat increase 40k. My first thought was a Wood Elf Wardancer, with my aerial acrobatics, but they start at 120k and I wasn't sure what 1 skill I'd want to add.
Dark Elves also looked fun, but I couldn't decide between a Witch Elf and an Assassin so moved onto Elves (what will be 'Elf Union' with the new GW release and currently often colloquially known as 'Pro Elves'). I really can't run (if my knees don't go, my hips will: yay for hypermobility!) so ruled out the catchers, and while I'm not bad at catching and throwing (I used to be a demon fielder when we played rounders and cricket at school, though I couldn't hit the ball), I figured I'd go with a blitzer rather than a thrower. They come with stat line move 7, strength 3, agility 4, armour 8 and skills block and side step at a cost of 110k. I added dodge and jump up to reach the full 150. I kinda like that, but when it comes to Blood Bowl teams, my true love lies with the Halflings.

And halflings, with their little legs, work really well for my inability to run. Their basic stats are: move 5, strength 2, agility 3, armour 6, skills right stuff, stunty and dodge at a cost of 30k.

I'm stronger than that, so first thing is a strength increase, then to reflect the acrobatics I added jump up and side step - and a skill I'm calling 'innocent smile' but which is really 'sneaky git'. I learnt very early in life that if you smile and look innocent, you can get away with a lot, so I figure that's a great way of getting the ref to not realise you actually kicked the guy lying at your feet...

And at 140k, that's me!
 What about you? What would you look like as a Blood Bowl player?


  1. A Bretonnian serf. A terrified one.

    1. Heheh - although you wouldn't have been able to attend the tournament, as Bretonnians aren't yet recognised by the NAF. Vampire Thralls are basically terrified serfs, with the added advantage that their own team eats them...