Friday 29 September 2017

FictionFriday - Lonely Throne

I really wanted to write something for FictionFriday but lacked inspiration*. So I dug out an old notebook from when I was at school and found lyrics to a song. If I can just decipher my handwriting... 

You've seen it all before
You've lived in other lands
You've seen devils climb and angels fall
You've danced across sun-baked sands
You've listened to wild-cats call
You've cut off thieving hands

Give up your crown to me
Relinquish your ord and sceptre
Stop trying to live your life alone

You've danced where the angels mourn
You've seen innocence in eyes of child
You've ridden plains on a unicorn
You've seen murderers act mild
You've heard demons laugh and cherubs scorn
You've watched fear turn wild


You've seen where elephants place their dead
You've drunk clean water from a stream
You've danced with angels on a pin head
You've climbed mountains into dreams
You've thought before every word you've said
You've listened to faeries scream


You've taken wild-cats, made them tame
You've seen things you thought weren't there
You've felt pity for things you've slain
You've not been afraid to show you're scared
You've taught elves to play your game
You've shown people when you care


You've lived your life by choice alone
You've flown pegasi across the sky
You've learnt things no one's ever known
You've seen beauty in the tears you cry
It's time you learnt to share your throne
It's time you met my eye



*Not entirely true - I've got a supervillain and a superhero I want to write stories for, each inspired by chronic pain. I haven't quite worked out the details for either, though. I work on the characters a little bit whenever my pain levels bother me - villain when I'm grumpy and wish others could feel what I feel; hero when I'm feeling heroic with my ability to cope ;-) 


  1. That was awesome. I love music and totally grok how powerful it can be for inspiration and crowd , er , management. That's why I play bards a lot.

    That is beautiful, and fun, and I'm so blown away that you wrote that in high school that I'm going to have a lie down until the sense of inadequacy goes away :)

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I wrote a lot of poetry and lyrics and most of it was terrible, but you write enough of anything some of it's bound to have promise ;-)

      Glad you like! =D