Sunday 8 October 2017

Ida Brown (Deadlands thief)

When we started Deadlands, I created 4 characters: Lizbeth Hunter, the gunslinger I played for a few sessions way back when; Solomon Blackbird, the character I'm playing now; Valeria Black, a huxster I have yet to play; and an unnamed thief. We built them using the card draw variation, and the thief ended up with lower stats than the others. I couldn't think of a name for her and, though I liked the concept, I wasn't planning on playing her to begin with so didn't worry too much about it. But I wanted to do a blog post today and I wasn't in the mood to write up the game (even though I want to catch up and I want to catch up the other games too), so I dug out the character sheet - and set to adjusting it, based on what I now know of the game.

I searched for popular girls names of the era and attached a surname. I haven't written a proper background, as this may change (as the surname might): Bells, who plays Tesla in our current Deadlands game and my character's twin brother in Exalted, has mentioned a similar character to me that he'd like to play, and I suggested they could be siblings: I really enjoy playing characters that have a strong bond with his. So I figured he can write the main background and I'll slide in around it, and similarly adapt her name to suit.

Attributes & Skills
Agility D12
        - Fighting D8
        - Lockpicking D8
        - Stealth D8

Smarts D6
        - Notice D6
        - Streetwise D6

Spirit D6
        - Guts D6

Strength D6
        - Climbing D4

Vigour D6

Hindrances & Edges
Clueless (major) (-2 penalty on all common knowledge rolls)(I switched out 'small', which reduces toughness by 1, having discovered how important toughness is, and was tempted by 'curious', but I took that for Valeria. May well go to 'curious' anyway, because it's one of those flaws I really enjoy roleplaying)
Wanted (minor) (clearly stole something from someone I shouldn't have!)
Quirk (minor) (constantly eating nuts & seeds, with a tendancy to leave a trail of husks behind her)
Lucky (extra benny!)

I've got ideas for a voodooist blessed and an alchemist or gun-toting mad scientist, so they may follow one day...

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