Thursday 13 September 2018

Shadowrun - Trapped!

This is the second instalment of my write-up of the Shadowrun game I played in many years ago, copied from scrappy notes I rediscovered when we moved last.

The notes are particularly chaotic in a few places here, with arrows and footnotes and all sorts, and apparently I forgot about paragraphs... I left the last session with my character, Kamaya, and her NPC friend Tark taken captive at the Renraku Arcology. Fortunately, other of their friends escaped... (This session is a lot more violent than the previous.)

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Ryan, meanwhile, contacted Ryn, Drazen, Razor-Boy, Jaz and Grinder (he offered them money - only Ryn agreed). They tricked Keneda into helping them (& Ranark) back into the Arcology as a rescue party. Keneda was going with The Colonel, Alastair, Stine and O'Lea to find room 1835 to get the money from Dunkelzahn's Will. Whilst preparing, the Arcology shut down. Using the Ork underground, they got into the basement and took a lift to the 6th floor - where Tark & Maya were marched into them. Ryan's team came running over, whilst Ranark & possibly Alastair were killed (Keneda's fault). The others ran from the various robots chasing them. At the end of the corridor, they started to blow up walls to make a passage. The civilians they met understandably panicked but started to calm down as they tried to explain. Using Tark to check astrally (O'Lea being unconscious), they found a child in a room beside them, so were more careful when demolishing the wall. Ryan passed through to calm the boy, and send him to the other civilians. As he passed the others, he detonated a grenade. They were lucky to survive. An argument ensued - Tark, Maya, Razor-Boy & Drazen wanted out, ASAP. Keneda, The Colonel & Stone wanted to check out the 18th floor, and said Ryan owed them. Reluctantly, they agreed to use Ryan & Jaz's expertise to control the lifts and travel to floor 18, then go. Keneda, The Colonel & Stone (still carrying O'Lea) got out, only for O'Lea to have her head blown off,followed by Razor-Boy's and then Stone's. No one was in sight, but the lighting was dimmed and a sound of children's voices, mocking and threatening, came over all the speakers. Ryan and Jaz started to move the lift away. Keneda jumped in, but the lift had to be stopped for The Colonel. Carefully, they returned to the basement, and were set upon by cleaning spider drones & an automated assault rifle. Their planned escape route had been covered. Droids, like spinning tops, that had attacked earlier started to head in, so they ran back to the lift and headed for the 3rd floor, hoping to escape via the monorail.

Tark and Maya took the lead, and were the first to spot a group of 7 red samurai. They ran back to the others, followed by shouts of "Step out with your weapons on the floor" and so forth. Another squabble followed, and Ryan walked out to buy more time. He tried to reason with the red sam, and was a little surprised to see they all had blue cybereyes, even the mage. Keneda tried to sneak out in his stealth suit whilst Maya, Tark & Drazen argued the argued the pro's and con's of walking out. Grinder took up position of leader and walked out to the samurai leader. 3 panther-like Medusa drones appeared as back-up, but the red sam seemed to have control over them. When Grinder realised his attempts at compromise were failing, he sent a message across the comm-link to Ryan: "Get Down." He detonated all his remaining explosives, killing all the red sam and two of the medusas. Ryan and Keneda were wounded, but survived. The floor and ceiling had holes large enough to climb through. The shock knocked Tark, Drazen and Jaz to the floor. Maya was helping Tark up as the remaining medusa started moving in on Keneda. Ryn was fast enough to put a physical barrier spell around it before it got too close. As Tark struggled to destroy it with magic, Ryan went closer to try and see how it worked. A bolt of electricity knocked him unconscious. Tark's spell succeeded in destroying it in time for Maya to identify howls as those of bargeists. Too far to be doing any harm, but getting closer. The Colonel grabbed Ryan and they ran, Ryn's spell and Drazen's guns taking out the dog-like creatures following. Jaz started to fall behind, so The Colonel carried her too. They ran into 2 bargeists waiting in ambush, but Tark's claws made short work of them. A panicked run through a shop into offices, and the 3 in front (Keneda, Tark, and Maya) were attacked by another medusa. Once it was trashed, Keneda noticed a flashing red light... They had time to duck back and so avoid the worst of the blast before it exploded, creating a hole into the warehouse behind. 

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