The Aberrant campaign is much younger than the Pathfinder one. Our GM wanted to run something with superheroes and I was very up for that - as was Aaron's player, Bells. Unfortunately, no one else invited had the time, interest or (in one case) geographic capability, so the group is about the smallest I've played in. The player characters are Lisa "The Phoenix" Moore (born Christina "Chrissie" Walker) (me) and Phillip "Hyperdrive" Rogers (now Dean; born Adam Mason) (Bells).


The Background
Eruption (written up several years real world later, after chapter 2 finished and we played Exalted and then were coming to the end of the first bit of Mage ready to return to Aberrant)

Training Montage
Part Two - Rescuing Mark
Part Three - Finding Targets

Chapter One
Part One - Vienna 
Part Two - Vienna Aftermath (On the Moon) 
Part Three - Abra Canaveral!  
Part Four - The Cajun
Part Five - Secret Island Bases & the Birth of Baby Mason
Downtime Interlude

Chapter Two
Part One - Introducing Terragen
Part Two - Chameleon
Part Three - Dr Brown's Algorithm
Part Four - Blood Red Carpet
Part Five - Press Conference/Secrets Unravellling
Part Six - Chasing Icicles
Part Seven - Secret Mountain Base
Part Eight - It All Comes Crashing Down

Chapter Three
Part One   


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