Tuesday 6 May 2014

Pathfinder Campaign - The Story So Far (Part 2)

A Brief History

A recap of our Pathfinder campaign thus far, as best I remember it and primarily from Svetlana’s point of view. We play fortnightly and the game has been running for a few years, so I’ll be breaking this down into as logical segments as I can figure. A lot of it is probably out of order and sometimes in the wrong geographical location. I may need to offer a corrections page later. And I’m not sure of all the spellings of all the names, so they may keep changing. But here goes (Part 1 here) (This is Part 2)(Part 3 here).

Fiddling Around the Dawnlands:-

I can’t remember exactly when these various bits interlink with the rest of the story – we try to get back to the Dawnlands from time to time to ensure the region remembers us. An early visit involves clearing the walking dead from the local graveyard. It’s not clear why the dead rise, so Svetlana, Chester, Alexei and Mr Tiddles go into the tomb of the Lord who originally built the fort, many, many years ago. And walk back out none the wiser, but at least the dead stay dead after that. (A big adventure took place in another realm where the party defeated a powerful Lich; they just don’t remember it. Svetlana’s hand does carry a strange burn mark in the shape of the stone she found herself carrying as they left the tomb. She’s kept the stone but doesn’t remember it’s an inter-planar transporter.)

Among the advisors provided by New Stetvon are Akaros, a paladin of Erastil and leader of the Dawnlands’ army; Gregor, diplomatic advisor; Ezekiel, an alchemist who is friendly enough with Alexei to make Svetlana very suspicious of him; and assorted others as needed. Alexei is formally the head of the Danwlands; Oleg Leveton becomes the official trade advisor; Chester takes on the role of church head (although Svetlana manages to make sure Erastil remains as important a deity to the region as he tries to make Serenrai); Mr Tiddles is Court Wizard; and Svetlana is Master Spy.

There is a silver mine on the lands that isn’t haunted.

A werewolf has been terrorising one of the villages and is defeated by the Barons.

The Barons of Varnhold, the reclaimed region east of the Dawnlands, went missing so the party go in to find out what happened. They find a curious and powerfully magic book and lots of undead cyclopses and clear the region out. It is added to the Dawnlands.

An orc warband causes trouble along the southern border. Initially the Barons try teaming up with the Dukes of Galt (south of Brevoy and The Dawnlands) to face down the orcs, but ultimately manipulation leads to a change in leadership of the warband and the orcs will fight amongst themselves until the orcs on our side win, at which point they will join the Dawnlands as equal citizens (a propaganda campaign is begun to help ease the non-orc populace into this).

A tiefling ranger by the name of Mollos shows up. Svetlana’s spy network can’t find anything out about him, but he proves himself useful so sticks with them.

Alexei’s charisma is growing him a following. He has a bodyguard called Evander. (Alexei’s mythic nature will turn him god-like, so most of his followers will be his worshippers.)

One of the Duke’s of Galt is assassinated. A notice by his body indicates Chester is intended. Mollos explains there is a rogue mantis assassin and he is actually there to protect Chester and find out who the mantis is.

A protection racket has been set up in the Barons’ absence, so they try and deal with that but the woman to whom the money is being delivered beheads herself before they can speak to her, and magical efforts to speak to her fail. At least her mum’s pub should be left alone from now on, Svetlana hopes.

Vladimir Leveton:-
Oleg and Svetlana L’s son Vlad seems to be a very healthy baby, getting bigger every time the party see him. In fact, it only takes a few months for him to have the size, shape and behaviour of a toddler and not long after he’s more like a child of 6 or 7. Chester is concerned and writes to his church for advice. Svetlana sends her spies off (as subtly as she can manipulate them so they don’t know why she’s asking) to find out if there are any records of anything like this. They return empty handed.

Meanwhile, Back in Restov:-
On returning to Restov, the party become concerned as to Anna’s whereabouts. Malliard also hasn’t heard from her and some investigation reveals Gavin of the Thieves’ Guild to be in possession of at least some of her body. With Mr Tiddles and Malliard fully on the war path, the party (which now includes Mollos) march down to confront the Guild. An epic battle ensues, in which Mollos’s cover is partially blown when he falls and his armour rescues him, dressing him in the style of the assassin Chester faced in Pitax.

Gavin is ultimately slain and transpires to be a changeling. Anna’s remains are given a proper burial.

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