Thursday 4 December 2014

Dropping to Success

I've managed to get very behind - I have two sessions worth of Aberrant to write and post, and a Pathfinder session that I'll be writing from Jvala's journal, as the last few, but also as a separate Svetlana fanfic. I also want to write up some of the other board games I've been playing (most notably Arkham Horror, which I was amazed to realise I hadn't raved over already). I've made a start on some of this but, as I said, am hideously behind.

There are a few reasons for this - my first OU assignment was due in and I spent more time on it than I'd hoped (I'm really out of practice when it comes to essay writing!); I've been pretty tired because it's become very stressful at work - and it's stressful at work because there's a degree of panic because I've given my notice to start a new job in January! I'm very excited about this - it's a job that I think will suit me much better than the one I'm in, as well as coming with more benefits. So a brilliant opportunity for me and I'm thrilled.

Whilst I try and get the various roleplay and board game posts sorted, here's a video of me doing my very first drop on silks - another thing I'm excited about!

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