Tuesday 16 June 2015

Learn to Fly

I'm away on a course for work this week. Train left at 05:15 this morning - 10 min walk to the station and I got there early because I'm a nervous traveller, so I'm pretty shattered now. Fortunately, a very yummy dinner and the discovery that the room does, in fact, have complimentary coffee for the morning has assuaged the worst of the homesickness that was hovering at the corners.

I suffer very easily with homesickness and this is also the first time I've ever been away by myself (if you don't count university, which is a special case), so I've been pretty anxious about the trip and have brought the laptop along for company. Depending how tired I am, this may mean a spamming of posts over the next few days. Sorry.

Another thing I'm anxious about is that I'm not going to be able to do circus this week, and whenever I miss sessions I end up stiff and sore. It doesn't help that I ended up at an awkward angle on the train (very full carriage and I didn't trust leaving my bag out of grasp) and then in a draft in the training room, so my neck and shoulders are already playing up. There is a gym in the hotel, so I may try to investigate that tomorrow evening...

But in the meantime, here's the hoop routine I've been working on in my private lessons - the very first time I've run through the whole thing. The end of the session and you can see how tired I am, but I'm really, really pleased.

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