Sunday 28 June 2015

Musical A-Z - O

Obsessive Compulsive

These guys played the Alt May Ball one year when I was at uni (for me, a great deal - a fraction of the price of the actual May Ball and with bands and music I was actually interested in). Of the various bands who came, they were my favourite. Their music was fantastic and after their set they came and hung out with us and were really nice people. Really excited that they seem to be getting recognition. 

My favourite of their songs are actually from the ep I bought when I saw them, and their official YouTube channel doesn't carry any of them so I went with this because that line "I speak my truth, I wear my scars" comes from one of those songs.

The Offspring

Probably not much of a surprise to anyone that I love The Offspring - fun and upbeats tunes of the sort that are intrinsically interwoven into my summer. 

On a side note, was recently given a link to an article analysing the accents used in pop punk, which I found really interesting.


Another song of my teenaged summers. OK Go do some great fun videos - this one's visually very punny. There's something very satisfying about the videos, and I like the music.

Otis Redding

Having said that the kind of upbeat punk-pop epitomised by The Offspring, Blink 182, et al is the sound of my summer, this is also amongst it. This song is one of hot, sultry summer evenings, having a pint of cider and kebab in the back garden and watching the sun go down.

Our Lady Peace 

Our Lady Peace again remind me of being a teenager and particularly playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Pretty sure it wasn't actually on the soundtrack - think it was just what I chose to listen to when playing. But the two are pretty entwined in my mind.

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