Tuesday 16 February 2016

Esther Stardust - 'psychic' grifter

When looking for paper, I found draft Cyberpunk 2020 characters! I've shared Elfie and Damson with you before, so here's Esther.

Intelligence 6, Cool 8, Move Allowance 7
Reflex 8, Attractiveness 8, Body 6
Tech 8, Luck 9, Empathy 9

Then it looks like I didn't finish statting her skills: there's the number 64 circled, and a list of the skills I was going to split that between:
Grifter (5), wardrobe, grooming, endurance, fitness, swimming, interrogate, resist torture, streetwise, human perception, interview, lip reading, persuasion/fast talk, seduction, awareness/notice, athletics, brawl/melee, dance, handgun, pick lock, disguise, pick pocket/sleight of hand.

Esther's 19 years old, a member of an extended nomad family. She's one of triplets, and is close with her sisters Gwenevere and Isis, less close with her elder sister Amery, her younger sister Angel and her brother Tyler; the relationship with her younger sister Chantelle has always been rocky but has come to verge on all out war... It probably started when Esther was 16 and ended up with Chantelle's boyfriend Kyle, a traveller from another family.

To make money, Esther tells fortunes and acts as a psychic. She's good at it too, cold reading by instinct before apprenticing and training in earnest. Her first real client was Peter Bridgeford, a driven young man desperate for promotion yet getting nowhere. She psychically divined his team leader was taking credit for his work, and told him where to go to find the evidence. In truth, this had more to do with her ability to talk detail out of people without them noticing: she listened to Peter, then snuck to his office and talked to staff there without them finding out who she was. It wasn't difficult, as such, but she enjoyed the investigation and the deceit - and the pay in her pocket and his promise of help if she ever needed it didn't hurt either.

She hasn't called that favour in yet, either, though she did consider it when the police pinned a series of thefts on her. She suspected Chantelle set her up, although she has no proof and it seems low even for her. She went into hiding until the heat died down, but now her family are nowhere to be seen. They may have just got bored with the area and moved on, but while Esther doesn't get on well with her family, she doesn't believe that of them truly...

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