Monday 8 February 2016

Oh Internet, where art thou?

Our internet has gone down. It's incredibly vexing. I also can't sleep, so am writing this on my phone to try and distract myself without disturbing Cat, who's sound asleep on my stomach but who has been waking up like a child with night terrors recently, so if she's sleeping nicely I'd like to let her.

But I can't sleep so I'm seeing how this goes... I'm not a big fan of using my phone this way, but it isn't as awkward as I feared. I apologise for any typing or autocorrect errors, though.

The internet was working on Friday. It's remarkable how deep into my life it's entrenched itself: Saturday, it flickered on for long enough for a few notifications to ping through before going down. Since then, nothing. I thought it'd be great; annoying that I wouldn't be able to do the posts I wanted, but without distraction I could get so much else done. Thought I'd start by looking up a nice knitting pattern for my next project...

Oh, no Google. I can do some more colouring. Except I'm a little bored of the images I have, I'll just find some more and print those.

Or not.  Well, I wanted to do a character portraits of my Exalted character, Taji. I have a very definite idea in my head, but it would be easier to draw if I had some references, so I'll just do a quick Google image search...

Back to the colouring. Actually, there's one picture I particularly like. I have a story stemming from it, full of traditional British folk lore. Just need to do a quick bit of research, and I don't need the internet for that: I can go to the library!

Except by now it's Sunday.

So Kitty and I spent the weekend curled up on the sofa whilst I read like I haven't since I was a teen. 

An engineer is due to visit us Wednesday, so hopefully I should be back online properly then. I'm sure I can cope til then...

UPDATE: It's Wednesday, and I'm back online! I was going to give you a proper post this evening, but instead am in a very similar position to the above picture, only I'm most of the way through Mockingjay.

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