Thursday 22 March 2018

Adventures in Moving


Over a year of stress and torment and losing faith in humanity, we've finally moved into our first house!

We started moving in during the snow. Husbit built me a snowman in our old garden and we packed the van with the help of Bells (of Kito/Adam/Howard/Aaron/Tanna/Tesla fame). The new garden is much bigger and is all ours (and has a built-in barbecue!)

Excluding furniture, our flat fits in one room. 


Cat was a bit confused to begin with, as her furniture disappeared around her. We were worried she might run off and hide, but instead every time she got too concerned she came running up to us and mewed until we picked her up and cuddled her - something she doesn't normally let us do for long. I then drove her to pick up the keys while Husbit drove the van. She didn't enjoy the drive, grabbing me every time I changed gear or put on the handbrake - as the claw marks on my hand show - but had a quick explore of the house once we got here, helped us make the beds and picked herself a favourite spot.

Our new home is a bit cold - the central heating runs from a log burner, and we're struggling to get heat through all the radiators, but that does make for cosy evenings. We've requested a gas supply - the company said 3 months until Husbit told them I'm asthmatic and have fibromyalgia andEDS(hypermobility), at which point they said they could get it installed within 3 weeks (nice that being bad at breathing has come in handy for something), and my amazing daddy is paying for us to have a modern boiler fitted once that's sorted (a literal housewarming present). Looking forward to some real warmth!
The people who sold the place to us were absolutely lovely and have left loads of stuff, including a lovely dining table. They fostered children, and everyone who came through (including friends and visitors) had to sign that table, so they left it on the understanding we would too. So we did.
My lovely little sister just called via WhatsApp so I could give her the video tour.
Very happy in our new home. Tired, but all the stress of getting to this point has lifted and I'm stood up straight again, have colour in my cheeks again - have inspiration and motivation again.
Life looks bright.