Thursday 8 March 2018

High Above the Crowds

When I started aerial circus four years ago, part of the reason I started was to overcome my fear of heights. (I mean, also to show off how bendy by nature I am, and because it sounded fun, but the acrophobia thing was a huge motivation too.)  

I'm just going to put this video here again, the first video of me on the hoop to remind you where I was after a few months:

Has aerial circus fixed my cure of heights? It's helped, for sure. I sometimes think I'm ok now, and then visit a castle and realise... not so much. But better than I was - as long as I have something to hold onto. 

I still have bad days. There's days when I climb the silks and look down and have to come down, no tricks. There's days when I can't climb the silks. But better than I was.

As this video shows. There is no way I could have done this - physically or emotionally - without aerial circus in my life.

This is part of a full routine, my second run of this section. It's exhausting with the first bit as well, and it is scary to practice, but I did it!

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