Saturday 12 April 2014

Bubba Bowl 2014

I should have typed this up sooner, cos now I can’t remember it as well as I’d have liked. Also, if you don’t play Blood Bowl this probably won’t make much sense.

We were running a bit late because parking in Bristol is expensive if you don’t know the area. This meant we were announced as we ascended the stairs to the venue as though we were attendees at a posh ball. That was nice, like being famous. It was also nice to have Hawca hand me an ipad full of new baby photos as we crossed the threshold.

I took Dark Elves – 2 witches, 2 runners, 4 blitzers, 3 lineys, 2 rerolls and an assistant coach. Having started my Blood Bowl career with Wood Elves, I prefer that extra square of movement over the armour so tend to take both runners when I can afford it. Witches and blitzers come first. Skill-wise, I went for block on both witches (rather than wrestle on one like I normally do) and guard on a blitzer.

My first game was against Maverick’s Necro. I wasn’t sure how the game was going to go – Necro have been a bit of a blindspot for me in the past because I tend to underestimate the werewolves. However, I think we were fairly evenly matched: the game could have gone either way and I worked hard for a very satisfying draw. An enjoyable game to kick off the tournament.

My next opponent was Husbit’s Skaven. This didn’t go so well and was more frustrating (bloody gutter runners!) resulting in him beating me 2-1. Still, my next league match is against him and I have faith that the Shin Kickers will defeat his Underworld. Or hope, at any rate.

Third game was versus one of the Caterham School lads, FFF. Dark Elves vs Dark Elves, although our teams were fairly different (unlike that time against Ceetee, when he and I had identical teams and the two halves were mirror images in what remains the most knackering game of Blood Bowl I have ever played). Taking out my guard player early was a good move on his part, and enabled him to hold the game to a draw. I would have liked the win, but watching him learn and adapt as we played made up for it.

Finally, I faced the Glow-father. He brought Norse – another bane of mine, although one I think I am finally getting the hang of them. Glowworm won the game in part because of an ongoing problem my Dark Elves have with not being able to pick up the ball that, fortunately, hadn’t resurfaced this tournament until the last game (he also won by being a better player than me, but this is Blood Bowl and we can’t admit that!)

All in all, a very enjoyable tournament :)

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