Wednesday 9 April 2014

Lizbeth Hunter

Lizbeth Hunter (Deadlands Gunslinger – the character I have played in the Deadlands campaign we may one day get around to continuing. Also, typing this I’ve realised 2 of my Deadlands characters are orphans. This was not intentional.)

Lizbeth’s elder brother raised her following the death of their parents when she was young enough to barely remember. Nearly 10 years older than her, he was her world and taught her the skills he thought she would need to look after herself: fighting, talking and above all shooting. He himself became something of an acclaimed gunman, famous enough that people would challenge him for the hell of it; for the notoriety of facing him. For the most part, this didn’t matter too much; it meant they had to move from town to town more often than they would have liked but he usually tried to make sure his opponents were left bleeding but alive.

One day, in a backwater whose name Lizbeth does not even remember, they were accosted by another young man. Her brother was by now in his early 20’s, Lizbeth her early teens and this man somewhere between them. His challenge was met with some reluctance – a reluctance Lizbeth had seen growing in her brother over the past year or so – but her brother agreed to the terms, which would involve the sun being in his eyes for the shot. Misfortune fell, and the boy he faced died. Lizbeth and her brother fled.

The dead boy had family with means and connections. It wasn’t long before the siblings realised they were being hunted, meaning they had to move even more frequently than before, but eventually they were caught. A fire fight ensued, with both Lizbeth and her brother being shot and left for dead before the marksmen left. A local bonesaw did his best and managed to bring Lizbeth round, but not her brother.

Lizbeth was devastated – her world collapsed around her and she knew things would never be the same again. A new steel entered her veins and she swore revenge on the men who’d killed her brother.

She has made steps to track them down: the last she heard they were heading west. A job as a bodyguard for a scientist travelling on the Hellstromme Express would help her on the way.

And the game begins.

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