Monday 7 July 2014


Having accidentally written a near-5,000 draft essay for a future blogpost, I remembered how much I enjoyed essay writing and so think I'm going to do this properly: fiddle around with what I've written to turn it into a proper essay on how Deus Ex Machina comes into roleplay games.

Yes, you read that right. When I was at uni, I really enjoyed essay writing. I was that annoying mare who would not only turn their essay in 2 weeks early, but also get a very high mark for it. Considering I always got very average marks for late essays I would hand in at school, I have to say it's amazing what a difference an interest in your topic can make.

Since uni, though, I haven't written in an essay style but looking at the word count I'd reached for the blogpost stirred those memories and reminded me how much I enjoyed it. I'm going to give it a go again - take the draft post, research it properly, tidy it up, sort the language out (it's far too chatty and goes off at tangents I'll need to switch to footnotes).

I'm looking forward to it. It's giving me a reason to once more face my fear of librarians to indulge in my love of learning and writing. I'm not when I can get to the library - although I definitely want to do some book-based research rather than relying exclusively on the internet - which makes it harder to give myself a deadline so I'm hoping that mentioning it now will give me the incentive I need to actually finish this.

'Sgonna be fun!

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