Thursday 17 July 2014

Happy Birthday Little E

Happy Birthday Baby Sister!

The story goes, they were bringing round lunches for the labouring women when Erin smelt the sausages and thought "I want some of that!" so came whizzing out, causing Mum to miss her meal. Erin was always a hungry child!

My earliest memory is visiting the hospital when she was first born. They wouldn't let me hold her and my overwhelming memory is the frustration at not being able to make them understand me (something I was just beginning to get good at). Looking back, I think it's more likely they did understand but didn't really want to let their small toddler hold their tiny new born...

She is incredibly fit, incredibly smart and incredibly caring. From army nurse to teacher to surviving a parachute jump where her main chute didn't deploy, I'm eternally impressed with what she has and can achieve (anything she puts her mind to). I'm very proud to call her my baby blister.

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