Monday 23 July 2018

My First Shadowrun Campaign - an introduction

While sorting through boxes now we've moved in, I found a load of writing from when I was a teenager. Most of it's angsty poetry and doodles from lessons (I found doodling helped me concentrate and recall, and most of my teachers were sympathetic to that), but I did find a did find 4 and a bit sides of A4 in my tiny, spider's handwriting: the Shadowrun game that was my first exposure to serious roleplay, from Kamaya's first run, to Kamaya and Drazen's initial taste of freedom after being trapped in the Renraku Arcology (a location I'd love to revisit one day, seeing as we didn't find any of its secrets...). Mostly it's the Arcology.

I wrote the notes in one sitting, so they're a bit garbled. Suspect I intended to write more of the game up later, and I didn't bother giving any character description because I knew them all... With that in mind, here's a brief overview of all the characters (as far as I can remember them):

Player Characters
Kamaya/Maya: my character. An elf adept (later shaman-adept, with Cheetah totem), with guns, speedfreakness and monofilament whip. Canadian by birth - half-Native American, half-Japanese (I wasn't familiar with the idea of meta/power gaming back then, so didn't see anything wrong with that, and wanted all the languages!) Parents and elder brother human. Idolised her elder brother, who taught her to shoot and use a whip before becoming addicted to BTL ('Better than Life') chips and eventually dying. She tracked down those who got him addicted and killed them, then came to Seattle to try and rebuild a life. Has a thin scar across her nose from a failure whilst learning to use her whip.

Ryan: male dwarf techie played by a guy called Andy. Had the 'combat paralysis' flaw.

Razer-Boy: male orc played by a guy called Paul. Guns and cyberware. 

Non-Player Characters
Drazen: male human adept. Very similar build to Kamaya.

Tark:male human wolf-totem shaman.

Jaz: female dwarf decker.

I can't remember the rest of the characters mentioned in the notes, even who the other players were! (There was a guy called Dave and I really can't remember his character, and someone called Ian but I think he joined later. Miriam definitely did. Can't remember if Owen played in the game or not).

The GM was a guy called Tom. Paul, Andy and I were the most consistent players - the others would come when they could/wanted to (probably why I can't remember who they were!) The game was 3rd Ed and set in Seattle.

I'll type up my notes over a few posts, fixing spelling/grammar errors but otherwise leaving exactly as they are (which might be interesting: I've not read through them so I don't know if they make sense). 

(I also want to write up Chrissie and Adam's Aberrant Eruption, as that's still not been told, and catch up both Deadlands and Exalted to the current state of play - and at some point start telling you about Mage!)

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