Thursday 26 July 2018

Shadowrun - Before the Arcology

This is the first installment of the write up of notes from the first RPG I ever played where we weren't playing ourselves in our local area. I'm typing them as they are, which means they may not be fully coherent (I wrote them a long time ago and they don't include much explanation of terms from the game nor any explanation of who the characters are - and I don't remember now!) If you're familiar with my write ups, you'll know they're usually first person: these aren't. Index here.

1st run in Seattle. Darius Delmar contacted Kamaya & she met the Johnson in a pub with Ryan, Drazen, Razer-boy & Tark. They carried out a small run against Ares, getting a decker (Jaz) in & out, with time for her to recover some data. This data was used to set up a run for Tark, Ryan & Maya, as they call her. A bugs nest was discovered on Ares property, which they helped expose with Kent Ludbecker and his orc cameraman, Wayne. Insider trading earnt the Seattle Yaks, and consequently them, a lot of cred. The mission led to them developing goup karma.
After that was a run against a Yak-owned building. The team - Ryn, Lucifer & a heavily-cybered troll - did not meet her expectations, and she almost turned the job down. Instead, she let them provide a distraction whilst she, Tark and Jaz snuck in, aided by their contacts amongst the SeattleYaks (not fans of the Yaks being targetted). The troll died; Ryn and Luce were heavily injured. Jaz took control of the building; Tark turned Maya invisible and she snuck around, stole computers and successfully extracted 3 scientists. No one was killed: the people she came across were stunned instead. When Maya discovered the warehouse built new BTL chips, she trashed the machinery before returning. Calling in a final favour from Honzo, Tark saved the lives of Ryn and Luce, though admitted Luce was the killer of Honzo's nephew.

Her next run was a data rescue. Keneda, Ryan, Ryn and Tark helped, mostly with invisibility spells from the shaman and data recording from Keneda and Ryan. Maya's job was to knock the people officially there unconscious.

One of Tark's fellow wolf-shaman, Ranark, wanted help. Whilst setting up this run, Tark & Maya set up a magic group, allowing Maya to initiate. Ranark wanted them to rescue his ex from the new Renraku arcology. Ryan, Ranark & Diane Grayson, the target, got out safely, but Tark and Maya were trapped. The cat-shaman, brought to cast a bulletproof shield, was killed. Maya surrendered, forcing Tark to do the same. They were marched around, weapons taken, watched astrally & physically, and interrogated amidst some confusion.


And that seems a good place to break for now. Although this was short (less than the first of the 4 sides of A4), the rest takes place in the Arcology (with more detail in the action, but no better clue as to who anyone is...)


  1. Always a fan of a good Shadowrun write up :) Looking forward to the future installments!

    1. :-D

      The game was over 15 years ago, and I still think on it fondly. It had a huge impact on the way I still play, and the things I want in a game.