Sunday 22 July 2018

Sasha 'Retribution' Blake

Sasha Blake was always smart and hardworking, with a passion for science and social justice. To the pride of her parents and with the help and support of her impressed teachers, she had her pick of universities, opting to focus on meteorology and climate change. Her interest in meteorology stemmed from a childhood fancy that the weather tended to reflect her mood and desires. She knew was ridiculous and unscientific to consider this anything more than a coincidence (the law of large numbers showing someone must experience this), but the fascination remained.

It was at university her powers really began to manifest. Political awareness was widely encouraged among the student body, and her charisma and intelligence made her an obvious leader, so people would come to her with their problems - not always a desirable situation to be in, as she had to deal with her own insecurities. Still, she ended up with a group of younger students under her wings. Coming back from a night out, she saw the youngest of these, Dana, being verbally assaulted by a bunch of drunk yobs. As she got closer, they began shoving the frightened girl, who had nowhere to run. As bad as this was, other passers by kept their heads down and hurried by, turning Sasha's fear to fury. With a yell, a fierce gale blew from around her and threw the yobs against the other wall. Dana ran to her friend, and the two fled to Sasha's houseshare.

After that, she began to experiment with her powers, realising she could manipulate the temperature and moisture content of the air to genuinely control the weather, eventually developing enough control to be able to mimic flight. More curiously, she could apply similar manipulation to people, enabling her to pull strength from them into herself - or the opposite. As superheroes and metahumans began to make the news, she understood what was happening with her, and discovered she could 'borrow' powers from others in a similar manner to her ability to transfer strength/stamina from normal humans.

She finished her course, top of the class: enhanced intelligence and perception had come as she'd developed her other powers. As Sasha, she works as a weather and climate research scientist, and presents the weather on her local news station. It was Dana who gave her the name 'Retribution', and it's under this name she defends the weak, rescues the trapped, and fights for justice.


Model: Misha B. Photos used with kind permission.

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