Monday 22 September 2014

Circus Filler Post

This is not a real post. This is a filler post whilst I work on writing up the latest Pathfinder update and the previous weekend's Exiles Tournament.

I just wanted to show off a quick bit of improvement in circus - I showed you a video of me doing hip lock recently and said there was a particular bit I wanted to work on.

So, first video:

And second video:

In the first video, it's the part about 14 seconds in where I force the silk over my knee in a rather ungainly fashion: in the second video, this is at about 19 seconds and (I hope you'll agree!) looks a lot smoother. I think I can do an even better job (mostly by being more gentle and making sure my toes are really pointed), but I was very pleased to make an improvement in something I was working on.

In support of the benefits of video, when Emily tells me to straighten my legs and I do, on the silks it really didn't feel like I'd made much difference, but looking in the video it looks a lot better. This means I've got a better appreciation of why it's important, which makes it easier to work on. I have trouble keeping my legs straight so am trying to work on it.

We learnt rolls on the hoop, which was awesome but I don't have any video I'm afraid. Hopefully next time (which will be a few weeks now).

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