Thursday 4 September 2014

RPGaDay Days 16, 17, 18 and 19


Day Sixteen – Game I Wished I Owned

Where to begin! Buffy, for sentimental reasons. Firefly, because it’s my favourite show. Changeling, because I might actually run it – all the old and new World of Darkness stuff because I love the story in it. Something obscure and hipster’y so I can sound cool when I tell people I have it.

Part of me wanted to be all fancy and talk about a game setting that’s been swirling around my mind for a while now, but it’s still in its infancy so I’m too shy to share it just yet. Maybe another year.

Day Seventeen – Funniest Game Played

A couple of times, I’ve played games that were intended to be funny and found they fell short of the mark – one of the players in our group (who has now left it) used to like to run a spoof of a campaign when it finished, but our sense of humour was vastly different. I’ve often been amused in games, but more often because humour has arisen organically in an otherwise serious game.

What I’m saying is, I don’t really have an answer to this.

Day Eighteen – Favourite Game System

I like rolling lots of dice, which is why I like White Wolf and ShadowRun (I’ve only played 3rd Ed and have heard a rumour other versions use fewer dice, which is a shame to me). There’s something very satisfying about having a massive handful of dice to spill across the floor or table.

I also like a game to be story-driven rather than rules-driven, although I think this more often comes down to the group than the system (and there have been plenty of times when I’ve gone “can’t I just roll rapport? My head hurts and I can’t think of something clever to say”). This is why I like the Window, which I discussed before on ‘Weirdest Game’ and the GM was kind enough to put my character sheet into the comments. Kismet really has more skills than the system intends, but I was enjoying stating them in words rather than points and didn’t want to stop. I try to encourage this in Pathfinder sometimes – when I’m asked my skill ranks by another player, I try to just give an idea like “I’m really perceptive” or “yeah, I’m pretty good at escaping things like that” or “nope, if I get hit I’m going down. And if you wave a sword near me, you’re probably going to hit me”, but it still normally comes down to numbers to satisfy curiosities.

Day Nineteen – Favourite Published Adventure

I haven’t played that many, but am going to select the Deadlands’ Coffin Rock scenario. If you want more from it, I discussed some of the tricks Husbit used to make the game creepy here, and then found the write-ups I’d done and put them up here and here.

With thanks again to AutocratikHis Day 16 is here, Day 17 here, Day 18 here and Day 19 here.  

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