Wednesday 22 August 2018

#RPGaDay2018: Day 22 - Which non-dice system appeals to you?

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Despite what I said yesterday, I'd like to try diceless. I'm anxious about it, though, because it's new to me and I don't like change and all that. I don't think I know anyone locally who plays already, which makes it harder - I'm told diceless makes it easier to play online via Skype or Hangouts or whatever, but for me a huge part of roleplay is the act of sitting in a room with friends so that doesn't appeal (also, time/energy-poor means I devote to what I already have). I want to play with a GM who already knows what they're doing, or at least has the interest and confidence to fake it and guide me, and I don't think I've got that locally yet.
Anyway, excuses for why I haven't tried already out of the way, I really am intrigued by the Amber system. I own Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, which makes use of it, and it's a setting that interests me with its flexibility and possibilities, given the huge number of worlds you can reach. The magic system particularly excites me, with spells being pre-created from component spell parts and then stored mentally, but needing maintenance, and once used they need to be rebuilt. It's similar to the wizard in D&D, in that they're one-use, but the way it's dressed up makes that make sense to me in a way it never does in D&D. The rules are actually quite straightforward, as best I can tell - but my lack of confidence means I really do want a go as a player before I try running the setting myself. Trip to Australia, maybe...
What about you? This is another where I'm really interested in hearing what everyone else has to say because I know so little!