Friday 24 August 2018

#RPGaDay2018: Day 24 - What makes you want to GM?

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Today's official question - which RPG do you think deserves greater recognition? - wasn't one I could answer. Most (all?) of the RPG's I play are widely known already, and while I read about a lot of less-known games, it's hard to judge them from what others say without experiencing them myself, and there are so many that I wouldn't know how to pick just one anyway. I had a look through the alternate questions (here), and thought it might be interesting to talk about why I'd like to GM, even though I never do.

I have run a few games a few times in the past, and done so badly - many different versions of badly. I've railroaded. I've allowed players to completely derail what I had in mind for the theme etc, and then floundered. I've failed to rein in dominant players to support quieter ones. I've never managed to create a compelling game world. Eventually, I got frustrated and, with so many friends wanting to run games, I stopped bothering.

But there's ideas floating through my head.

The thing that makes me want to GM is that, having paid attention to the way other people run games, and watched other people grow as GM's, I reckon I could be a good GM for new players. I've got an idea for a Buffy game, set in an adapted version of the upper school I went to. It would be fairly guided, though I'm more confident to react if the players don't follow my clues. It would just be an introduction, a one-shot, but I have most of the town mapped in my head if anyone wanted to carry it on, and, using what I've learnt from people running games for me, I hope I'd be able to encourage character-driven play that they'd enjoy.

That's what makes me want to GM more than anything: encouraging more people into this wonderful hobby.

What about you? Which RPG's deserve greater recognition? What makes you want to GM? Let me know!


  1. I never really looked at the Buffy RPG which is very surprising considering how much I loved the show.

    1. I skimmed the rulebook last year and liked how easy it is to put together NPC's. It was the first game I ever played, though I haven't played it since.