Wednesday 29 August 2018

#RPGaDay2018: Day 29 - Share a friendship you have because of RPG's

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As I was thinking about how to answer this, I realised that almost all of my friendships come about, directly or indirectly, from RPG's. There's a few people I'm still friends with from school, and I've made friends because of work, and I'm in touch with a few people from uni I met outside the Wargames and Roleplay Society, but nearly everyone else can be traced back to RPG's.

Yes, even my aerial friends.

See, the guy who first dragged me to circus I met when stuck on a coach and heard a game being run behind me. The guy running it is the guy I now call Husbit; the guy who dragged me to circus was one of the other players. While we were going to the same event, I probably wouldn't have bothered getting to know them if it wasn't for the game, which means I wouldn't even have my aerial friends if it wasn't for RPG's. Everyone I know locally that I wasn't at school with or have worked with I have met as a result of games: if you're on that list and don't think that's how we met, then it'll be because the person who introduced us, or who first took me to the place we met, is someone I know because of games.

Part of me feels a little weird about that.

Given that, though, how can I chose just one friendship to share? Instead...

I've talked about how I met Husbit for RPGaDay before (here and here). We're expecting a baby this year (code named Ziggy), due the day before our 15th anniversary (which means Christmas Day is within the "on time" window...). I'm very, very excited to be bringing a new player character into the world. I've got all of these plans and dreams about how I'm going to introduce them to storytelling and gaming. 

The parent-child relationship isn't the same as a friendship, but as Ziggy kicks and squirms inside me I feel closer and closer to them, more and more bonded. And they wouldn't be there if it wasn't for games.

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