Sunday 12 August 2018

#RPGaDay2018: Day 12 - Wildest Character Concept

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As with yesterday's 'Wildest character name', turns out I'm not much of one for out-there concepts. Kismet, whom I mentioned yesterday, would be an exception, and I like my assassin-ballerina, knitting Amazon hunter, and the fake psychic. I've played the first in a one-off Cyberpunk session, but her lack of trust makes me think she'd be a better NPC than PC.

I think the wildest concept I've played with was the living ship, Yggdrasil. This was an airship into which we brought a giant spruce pine, which we then awakened, pouring our mythic chips into the spell, creating a sentient, sorcerous airship. When it talks aloud, the figurehead leans back to look at us and the mast's pine needles shine and shimmer. 

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