Tuesday 2 October 2018

Shadowrun - Blood Boil

This is the third instalment of my write-up of the Shadowrun game I played in many years ago, copied from scrappy notes I rediscovered when we moved last. I've tried to type the notes exactly as they're written, but have added paragraph breaks.
Again, it skates over some pretty graphic violence in places - including dead children. These days, when I write up games I try to include some of the character emotion, but for some reason I didn't when I wrote these. I certainly felt the emotion, but didn't record them. Maybe as a teenager I was embarrassed by them, or maybe I didn't know how to write them. Either way, I regret it now. 
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The hot-dog warehouse became temporary base of operations. Wounds were healed, and there was time to initiate for Maya & Drazen/Tark.
Discussions between Ryan, Tark and Maya led them to believe Jaz and Drazen were the only people left alive they could trust with their lives - The Colonel being too unknown, Ryn seemed to be there for Ryan's money and Keneda had already abandoned his best friend. Drazen had become a bit stressed and slightly trigger happy - a kid's body in the corridor was testimony to that (though at the time everyone had agreed to let him shoot - & he felt guiltier than anyone else), but he had given Maya his spare gun and half his ammo, so it was decided to let them join the group and share group karma.

It was Tark's turn to go astral, so Ryan went to talk to Jaz while Maya settled Tark onto the sofa before seeking out Drazen. Jaz was pleased to be asked, though a little hesitant about Drazen. Maya came to talk to him whilst he guarded the hole. He, too, was more than happy to join, and shared Maya's philosophy of 'geek the elf' (though maybe for slightly different reasons. She considered Keneda a disgrace to her species and unsafe. Drazen hated him). He also explained about his history with Razor-Boy - about how he'd agreed to kill a family he knew were innocent farmers rather than the evil anarchists Mitsohama claimed. About his subsequent guilt at discovering one had survived, how he left Mitsohama to help Razor-Boy find a place in the Barrens and his guilt at never admitting to being the killer of his family & how he felt he hadn't helped enough.

Hours passed. Ryan felt better, but still not fantastic. Jaz wanted to take a small party to see if she could jack into the Matrix for some information. Ryan still wasn't up to much, and someone from the group, she & Maya agreed, ought to stay with him. Neither wanted to take 'the elf', so he was left as guard. Maya felt keeping Drazen from Keneda would be a good plan, leaving Tark with Ryan. They took Ryn as they wanted some magic protection.

A route to security offices was planned through other offices, but they had barely started when 2 'bumblebee' drones attacked. Jaz was hit, but felt ok. Maya felt very proud when she managed to destroy both with he bare hands. They headed off again, but after only metres Jaz suddenly felt ill... both Ryn and Maya attempted emergency first aid before she fell into a coma. Drazen grabbed the small body and they ran back to the others, where Tark and Ryan laid her down and tried to improve her condition. She had 'blood boil' - the thing which had killed Ranark. It would take 30 days of constant attention and little movement for her to recover.
The group was disheartened, but determined to do something. They decided to go 'foraging' - search for supplies or a possible escape route - and other survivors.
They checked the monorail tube, and both Drazen and Maya spotted the hatchways at regular intervals along. At the far end, Maya could just make out some people, dressed in black, climbing from one. A group of red samurai appeared as the 3 headed towards the black-ops guys. The leader was shot through the head as they reached SMG range. In the ensuing gun and mana-bolt fight, the remaining black-ops people and all the red samurai were killed. Ryn was seriously injured, and instructed to watch from an office to warn Maya & Drazen of any danger whilst they looted the bodies. A medusa headed towards Ryn, but Drazen killed it as Maya took an assault rifle and ammo for The Colonel. With Drazen, they found another Ingram Amsartgun so Drazen could replace the one given to Maya, and SMG bullets, as well as Red Sam Katana, a med-kit and an open comm-link. All Samurai had cyber-blue eyes. A shock was in store: the black-ops were Renraku...

Manta-type flying drones were patrolling overhead, so they lay amongst the bodies until the danger passed before continuing with the looting. A nearby lift arrived. 4 people with gren cybereyes surrounded by the spider-like cleaning dones stooed in it. The drones approached the 2 adepts. Maya tried to blag something out of the civilians when Drazen opened fire on the drones. The lift and 4 people left as the drones were hacked to pieces, Maya receiving a couple of light wounds.

They headed towards the offices to move along and find Ryn. The first few were completely empty, but the 4th contained spider-drones packing away everything in it. The drones informed them the facility was not ready. They apologised whe it added "Not blue. Not green. Not white. Processing." They reached the next office before it broke into "Security breach. Security breach." They ran.

Later, they found a dying man. Maya tried to patch him up, but he was too far gone for her medical experience. He had also been attacked by the spiders for the same colours... He died.

Further along, a trail of blood led them to hope they'd found Ryn. In fact, an ork child of about 6 sat cradling her dead mother's head in her lap and an exploded spider beside her. Maya managed to stabalise her, but when she tried to lift the heavy girl, she slipped and the ork died. "Welcome to the kid killing club" said Drazen. It was comforting, in a strange way.

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