Character Concepts

I write a lot of characters I never use and have a lot of love for most of the characters I do use. Broken down by genre and including NPC's and my impressions of other people's characters, here's a breakdown of those I've shared.

I've had a few requests to use concepts or straight characters from this list. It's very flattering and if anything catches your interest please feel free to borrow, amend or steal but I would ask that you don't directly use the ones labelled as being created by someone else because I can't give their permission. If you do use one of my characters, though, and fancy sharing back to me what they get up to, I'd love to hear!

PC = player character used in a game
CPC = concept player character (ie, a character I've created but haven't played)
NPC = non-player character 
PNPC = player-created non-player character (ie, character I've developed as NPC for a game I'm a player in)
APC = another player's character (ie, created and played by someone else)
ANPC = another GM's NPC

Damson killer ballerina (CPC)
Elfie Maggot gunslinging rockstar (CPC)
Elz Bellz party animal with connections (NPC)
Esther Stardust 'psychic' grifter (CPC)

Aaron Weaver tiefling ranger/assassin (APC)
Aenghus (Svetlana's Dad) elven sorcerer (PNPC)
Alexei Vassilev human oracle (APC)
The Angel Mariah human housewife turned hero (CPC)
Anya Volkova (Svetlana's friend) human ranger (PNPC)
Darius priest of a corrupt order (NPC)
Devin Panesar (Svetlana's friend) human bard (PNPC)
Jvala (with stats for Pathfinder) ifrit spell-less ranger (PC) 
Kally Hopebringer (with stats for Pathfinder) human cleric of Iomedae (PC)
Misha Volkov (Svetlana's friend) human druid (PNPC) 
Piotr Utkin (Svetlana's friend) human fighter (PNPC)
Raven (with stats for Pathfinder) human white necromancer (CPC)
Svetlana Chekhov (and her hometown) half-elf arcane trickster (PC)
Telina Camcoedlan (with stats for Pathfinder) elf ranger (CPC)
Ursella Lazula halfling druid (PC)
Ylva Astriddottir (with stats for Pathfinder) human skald (CPC)
Yggdrisil sentient tree airship (ANPC)

Amaryllis "Blazing Shield of the Sun" First Age Solar Zenith in Exalted (PC) 

Chrissie Walker (part 2) (aka Lisa 'The Phoenix' Moore) nurse / very powerful superhero (PC)
Sasha 'Retribution' Blake (CPC)

Firuzeh Samart Amazon, hunter, knitter (BtVS stats) CPC
Starlight 'Plays in Shadows' werewolf theurge (PC)
Ragna Halvorsen Euthanatoi mage (PC) 
Summer Reed Scion of Thoth (PC)

Wierd West
Ida Brown thief (CPC)
Lizbeth Hunter gunslinger (PC)
Solomon Ruth Blackbird tale-teller (PC) (stats)
Valeria Black huxter  (CPC)

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  1. Right!? It's so much fun to make characters - experiment with game mechanics, think about where the person came from, where they might go, how the limitations and framework of the game mechanics would shape the world, would shape the people who live in it. How I'd make the world a better place or how many people I'd beat the crap out of if I had those cool abilities... :-)