I've been playing in a Pathfinder campaign for several years now. It started out as an adaptation of the King Maker campaign but has taken on a life of its own.

The player group has changed slightly since we started. The original line up was Svetlana Chekhov (me), Alexei Vasilev (Husbit), Chester Goldhawk (my li'l brother), and Nikoli Kranalov (Dan). These days, it's Svetlana Surtova (me), Alexei Vasilev (Husbit), Aaron Weaver (Bells) and Kieran Costello (Paul) (links to GM's blog, which I recommend checking out because he's also writing up the story and with more info).

I started writing this up for fun and because it helps me remember a bit what happens from session to session. To begin with, I was writing third person so I could justify out of character knowledge, but now I write from Svetlana's perspective and occasionally make out-of-character footnotes. I don't write in Svetlana's voice, though, which is something I need to work on but have been lazy about.

A Bit of Background:

Dramatis Personae:
Chester Goldhawk
Kieran Costello
Svetlana Surtova

A Brief History in Three Parts:

Session Write-Ups
After Absalom:
Part One - Absalom aftermath; dealing with traitors; an engagement is announced
Part Two - Hunting a forge
Fanfic interlude - Conversations with Anya
Part Three - The Royal Wedding

The Crusade:
Part One - Leaving Brevoy, entering the Worldwound and finding the Star Keep
Part Two - First character death!
Fanfic interlude - Days of Death
Part Three - Reaching Drezen
Part Four - The capture of Drezen
Part Five - Jeska, barbarians and some scary monster...
Part Six - ...but we're not allowed to talk about it
Part Seven - Fighting in a cathedral
Part Eight - The perils of a Deck of Many Things; a bit of downtime; heading for the Abyss
Part Nine - Enter the Abyss
Part Ten - Finding Nocticula; seeking some miners
Part Eleven - Clearing the mine; the end of a chapter 

And then we break from these characters and jump into something new for a bit, to explore Golarion and the impact of our main characters from another viewpoint.

Interlude Dramatis Personae:
Jvala (me)
Zabeel Mae'Tor (Husbit)
Tanna Freespirit (Bells) 
'Sam' (Paul)

Part One - The Assassinations of the Dukes of Galt 
Part Two - Mivon and Drelev's Folly 
Fanfic interlude - Chester's Wedding (Svetlana's PoV) 
Part Three - Catch up (New Stetvon, Restov, Varnhold, Dawnlands and Pitax) 
Part Four - Partying in Pitax!
Part Five - Tanna's Journa: Welcome to the Temple
Part Six - Rovagug's Temple 
Part Seven - Zon-kuthon's Temple

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