Saturday 4 April 2015

Musical A-Z - A (updated)


If I'm going to do an A-Z of music, it makes sense to start with A.

I was in 6th form when the Hi-Fi Serious album was released and I loved it because it has such a fun feel to it - that's what it reminds me of now: being young and having fun.

Abney Park

Husbit found this goth-turned-steampunk-pirate band a few years ago - and I really enjoy them. I love the inclusion of fiddles and I really like Captain Robert's voice. I was torn between Airship Pirates  and Aether Shanty but ultimately decided on this because rum.

I enjoy the fictional backstory, too, and the geek within loves that there's a roleplay game based around it (just need to convince people to play...) 

Alanis Morissette 

I know plenty of people like to whine about her and debate whether or not Ironic  contains irony (it does), but I like her. As a teenager, I mostly knew her as God out of Dogma (and that my friend's mum's boyfriend had the hots for her). I was introduced to her music when I was at uni, by a friend who always played her albums when she had her girly-friends over because her other half doesn't enjoy her music. I think maybe that's why I feel there's something shameful about liking her music.

I went for this song because it reminds me of karaoke nights at the pub I used to work in. My boss was learning to sing (he went on to gigdoing Paul Weller covers, before being murdered the week I was away graduating) and had developed a good ear for what songs would suit our regulars (at least, those with potential... he never gave me a song). The first time I saw it was when he picked this for one young woman who'd been singing rockier songs more usual to our clientele - and yet this came out of her so beautifully. I always think of him when I hear it, in a happy way: it hit me hard when he died.

Alkaline Trio

This is another band I first heard as a teenager. My little sister was, at the time, a member of a church whose christianity often felt oppressive and aggressive, so I think part of the appeal of this band was the satanic undercurrents in some of the lyrics. But again, it's fun and upbeat music that reminds me of being young. This is probably my favourite of their songs. 


This song was used in a play by final year students the year above me at uni. I went to see it with a friend who's a massive Metallica fan and we just stared at each other as it started, grinning more and more as the chaos unfolded onstage. Perfect use of the song and as soon as we could we both got hold of as much by Apocalyptica as possible.

Archive (update edit to add)

Oops! Missed this one out when I first made this post. The song was used in the trailer for Cyberpunk 2020 and Husbit and I fell in love with it. I've listened to other pieces by Archive, but so far none have felt as intimate to me as this. I don't know enough about music to explain why I like it so much, but it is very powerful, and the lyrics dance through my head as a pleasant earworm on a regular basis. 

Arethra Franklin (update edit to add)

I think she has one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard. If I could sing like anyone, I'd want it to be her. I love The Blues Brothers, which is why I picked this one. 


And another song from my teenage years. 

Avril Lavigne

I'm not exactly a fan... but when this song was big in the charts I got mistaken for her once! I was chased down the high street by two girls shouting after me; when I looked around confused and walked off, they turned to each other and said "She's a lot ruder in real life"... Sorry Avril!

I've just realised I'm wearing the same jeans today I was then - black and very baggy. The pink strappy top and the long net coat are in the wardrobe. I guess I haven't changed as much since my teen years as I sometimes think. 

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