Thursday 16 April 2015

Musical A-Z - F (updated)

Faith No More

My big sister got into grunge before it was popular. I never particularly liked Nirvana (although I do love Dave Grohl, and the more I'm learning about Kurt Cobain the more I respect him), but I do like Faith No More - particularly this song. It's fun - and in the soundtrack for Grosse Point Blank!


As I said before, Husbit and I have differing favourite music genres - but Faithless is another of the bands we both love. This song I particularly love - there's something very powerful about the lyrics, and Maxi Jazz has the most amazing voice.

Fear Factory

And this is another we both love. I wanted to choose Linchpin  or Edgecrusher to remember dancing away with Boyd and Arthur on Rocsoc nights at The Angel when I was at uni, but this was the first Fear Factory song I heard - a friend and I used to make cd's up for each other and this was a song he shared with me. I ended up buying a fair amount of their stuff, so I've always thought mix discs/tapes were beneficial to the music industry (but that's another rant).


Like I said, teenage insomniac. Love this song. Listening to Feeder always makes me think of the best parts of my teenage years.


And the compulsory embarrassing confession - I was a huge fan of 5ive when I was younger. Little E and I even had a dance routine we'd perform in the back of the car when we forced Dad to put this cd on... 

Flogging Molly

So this is one of the moments where I love, love, love a song but somehow haven't got around to getting my hands on more of their stuff - not a mix disc this time, but at clubs.

Just, it's such a fun song I'm scared the rest of their stuff won't live up to it ([spunge] really let me down like that). I hope you like it to!

Florin Street Band (update to add)

So if you're in the UK, you may remember a few years ago when people fed up with X Factor winners dominated the Christmas Number One slot and a Facebook campaign successfully got Rage Against the Machine's Killing in the Name to win instead. That was fantastic, not just because I'm a big fan of RAtM but also because it meant the following year people realised it didn't have to be all about X Factor and there was more competition - more songs that actually felt Christmassy, and an excitment about the charts that X Factor had destroyed.

I'm a little biased by this one: my uncle's one of the guitarists on it. He's since developed a nerve/fine motor control condition that means he can't play guitar, which is heart-breaking because he's one of the best musicians I know.

Foo Fighters

And another where I like the video! I love the Foo Fighters - saw them at Reading Festival the same year as Feeder, actually, and really enjoyed both. I'm sharing this one because it's the tune I'm using for my aerial hoop routine at circus.

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  1. Faith No More - my favourite all time band, probably with Nirvana :)