Wednesday 15 April 2015

Musical A-Z - E


This is one of those songs that always makes me smile.

Electric Six

Another song I think is fun - upbeat and cheerful and one that gets me dancing.


This song is less happy. In fact, this is the first song that ever made me cry - or rather, the first song that brought existing tears out.

I suffered very badly with depression as a teenager until about 18 months ago. I'd got quite into Eminem (you can blame Dido for that - the sample of her song Thank You used in Stan caught me) and was on the bus back from town having bought his Slim Shady LP. I was listening to it on my discman and this song started. It reached the chorus and tears started falling down my face. I now see the lyrics are a bit ham-fisted, but at the time the chorus spoke to somewhere inside me that was mad and sad and fighting to stay alive.

I've lost my love for Eminem, but this song will always be important to me. 


Some music is wonderful not because I love it but because friends love it and it makes me think of them. This always makes me think of Dee, and thinking of Dee always makes me smile - she's a very important friend, someone I don't see for years then we meet for coffee and it's like no time has passed.


Annie Lennox has another voice I love. I like this song a lot, too.

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