Tuesday 14 April 2015

Musical A-Z - D

David Bowie

When I was very little, my favourite book was Outside Over There by Maurice Sendak. My elder sister recently admitted that it upset her, but she still read it to me as many times as I demanded.

I saw Labyrinth at some point around that time, or rather the second half of the film without knowing what it was. It stuck with me, though, and when I saw the film on my housemate's shelf at uni I was sure it was the film of my memory - and it was. It is the film I normally reach for when I need cheering up.

My housemate had it because she was obsessed with David Bowie. I didn't really know anything by him - my previous exposure had been the mother of my French exchange student (also a fan) asking me "Iz eet 'Bowie' or 'Bohie'?", to which I had no answer - but Penny's enthusiasm wrapped around me and I think it's fair to call me a fan.

Bonus video: 

My brother showed me this - Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut, performing Space Oddity under licence on the ISS. Very, very cool.


This is someone else with a voice I think is beautiful.


I've heard it said that the things you learn to love during your teenage years are the things that stay deepest in your soul. This is another from a band I discovered then - I really, really like this song.

Donna Summer 

I love her voice. I wish I could put my finger on why this song touches me, but I think it's wonderful.
Drowning Pool

Very fond memories of dancing to this at the Villa at home and the Angel at uni. Always makes me think of a girl in the year above me at school - she was a big fan and one of those people you like but are a bit shy of so we lost touch. Which was a shame - she played the bad guy in a (very amateur) pantomime in which I played her evil wife.

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