Tuesday 21 April 2015

Musical A-Z - G

Shorter post this time - Real Life has interrupted. I'm hoping to get back to character concepts and roleplay write-ups soon, but they do take more time and energy.


I really like what I know by Garbage - they're another band I ought to have more by than I actually do.

The Go! Team

You may recognise this from Little Big Planet - that they are on the soundtrack was one reason I liked the game. I think they are fun and upbeat and immensely enjoyable. 

Grae Westgate

So, confession time: Grae and I went to uni together and I was there when he was offered his recording contract, so I'd be really excited for him to do well. I know what music and performing means to him, and I'm not too cool to admit I'd like to bask in a little reflected glory.

We bonded over our shared love of Buffy, used to meet up for coffee now and then and chat about why we loved the show, and when I discovered he'd moved to my locale I was thrilled to bits and we spent an afternoon chatting Firefly. It was cool.

His blog's here.

I was really torn as to which song to pick - Autumn Song is about our university, so that feels pretty special to me, and his cover of Sexy and I Know It makes me giggle. I went with this one, though, because of where it comes from. After university, I came back home and Grae went to Japan. He was there for the Fukushima earthquake, separated from his lovely girlfriend and unable to contact her, so he wrote this. I think it's beautiful, especially live. 

Green Day

Green Day were the first band I saw live, for the International Superhits tour. I thought they were so incredible live I couldn't listen to them on cd for months after; they just sounded flat.

Again, it was hard to decide which song to pick, but when I was doing A-Levels I knew I would be giving up French at the end of the first year, to focus on drama, physics and maths. There were a few of us in this situation - Mrs Hammond was an amazing teacher, but her ex-husband (the other French teacher who'd be taking us) was not and he put a lot of us off. After we'd sat the AS exams, we had to come back to school for a few weeks before teh summer holiday, but because the first bit of the A2 course - the bit we were now meant to be doing - was really dull, she let those of us who weren't carrying on sit at the back and translate our favourite songs into French. I can still sing a fair amount of this. 

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