Wednesday 29 April 2015

Musical A-Z - H

There should hopefully be Aberrant commentary tomorrow, and Pathfinder by the end of the bank holiday weekend. I know I keep promising to get back on track and failing, but I am trying.


I had such a crush on Taylor Hanson when I was younger - and with my long, blonde hair people joked I was the missing member. Their debut album was the first cd I owned - a reluctant birthday present from my Dad. I knew all the words to this and sang it all the time...

(hed) p.e.

And for something slightly different... This is a song absolutely guaranteed to get me onto the dancefloor. It brings back fond memories of moshing at home and at uni.

Hundred Reasons

Listening to this makes me think I should actually get some of their music.

They played at Reading festival the year I went. I was vaguely aware of them as a band but didn't (don't) really know them. They impressed me, though, because someone bottled the stage and took out half their sound equipment: the mic and I think the drums were ok, but the guitars all out. They could have stormed off, but instead the singer pointed out how unfair the bottling had been on the people who wanted to hear them play. He then, with the drummer, got the crowd clapping rhythms and arranging chanting-style sing-alongs with us, then oversaw the building of human pyramids and generally kept us entertained whislt the roadies raced around to get them back up and running. They earned my respect for that.

There are a few other bands/artists that have particular songs that I particularly enjoy, but nothing else that strikes sufficient chord for me to add now. I'm really struggling to think of people for I, but later in the alphabet it gets busy again.