Friday 18 April 2014

Elfie Maggot

Elfie Maggot

Lead singer and fiery frontwoman of the Filthy Rotten Dolls, Elfie uses her vast income to pay for the gadgets that enable her to fight crime and injustice Batman-style.

Cyberpunk: would suggest primary rocker, secondary solo

Shadowrun: would suit street sam or adept; human or maybe elf/elf poser (probably go for elf if adept)

City of Heroes: Blaster (this is the medium in which she has existed)

I like Elfie so want to use her as a background character in some cyberpunk novels until I’m confident writing and have a decent plot for her, when I’ll give her her own story.

Elfie Maggot as she appeared in City of Heroes

Appearance: muscular, broad-shouldered but slender – an athlete rather than a weight-lifter. Her charisma is such that people remember her as taller than she is. She is usually described as ‘African American’, which she thinks is fair enough, being part African and part Native American, but she thinks it would be more accurate if her European aspect was also included.

In terms of style, Elfie is punk rock. Her hair sticks up in a tall Mohawk, coloured to complement her outfit. She has some tattoos across her exposed scalps – tribal-esque doodlings – that are set to match the colour of her hair as closely as the nanites are able. She tends to wear biker-style leather jackets over tight, often slashed t-shirts, matched with heavy boots and either leather biker-style trousers or cargo pants. For accessories, she has a pair of cyber-goggles with exchangeable trims and usually wears fingerless leather gloves, with or without studs. Colour-wise, she tends to pair black with bright turquoise or pink, or bright or dark purple. Her left ear was bitten off in a fight with an ex (so the story goes) and the stump has been tattooed to give the distinct appearance of a writhing mass of maggots. Her right ear is tailored into an elven point and has been pierced several times.

“Elfie Maggot” is, of course, a stage name. In many ways, it is far more than that; a whole persona that the woman who has become Elfie has put on, become absorbed into much as an obsessive method actor would. Not much is known publicly about Kelly Porter – occasionally people try to reveal the big secret of her name and her comfortable upbringing, but a lot of people don’t believe the story because it seems so contrary to everything Elfie stands for. Many of her fans imagine that the corporations she rails against are the ones spreading false rumours. Elfie stays quiet and lets the rumours die down by themselves.

Kelly had a privileged upbringing; her education and opportunities taught her how lucky she was and Elfie grew from the anger she (and some of her friends) felt at realising these were not universally available to everyone. Her parents were comfortably employed by a powerful corporation and were able to nurture Kelly’s early interest in music – as well as being able to sing in several different styles (not just the punk rock for which she is known), she has a deep grounding in the theory and mathematics of music and can play several instruments including guitar, piano, violin, flute and saxophone.

When not touring or recording new material, Elfie has been known to strap a gun to her back, pack demolitions in her bag and head off to help those less fortunate that she with as much violence as required.

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