Monday 12 May 2014

Deadlands - Coffin Rock (Part 1)

Further to my description of Husbit’s running of the Deadlands Coffin Rock scenario, I eventually managed to find my write up. Turns out I had misremembered some of his time messing, but hope you enjoy.

Quick spoiler alert: Coffin Rock is a pre-written Deadlands scenario. If you haven't played but think you might and don't want spoilers it may be worth not reading the post, although there are previously discussed alterations.

My name is Lisbeth Hunter. Please ignore my youth and gender: I find most men look as scared looking down the barrel of my gun as they ever did when it was my brother they faced. I'm heading West on the trail of the men who killed him, actually. I've picked up a few strange companions along the way. Really strange. I mean, the gambler was pretty normal til he went off on some justice/vengeance thing and shot up the guy was meant to be paying us, then split. Not seen him since, actually... Our Native American shaman and the Chinaman take a bit more getting used to, but they've both been pretty helpful to me. Recently picked us up a preacher - just before we got to this godforsaken place in fact. However long ago that was.

So here it is, the shaman, the preacher and me, we rode into town maybe yesterday. Knew something wasn't right - town ain't deserted except maybe it is. There are people here, sure, but they ain't exactly right and I can't exactly explain the problem. The whole town's just a bit screwy. Like the mirrors - wonder round the hotel and every time I catch a glimpse of my reflection I look older and older - then we find that the wife of the owner went and hanged herself cos of she thought she was getting old too fast, 'cept no one can tell us when that was - 6 months, a year, two years ago. No one seems to know the difference. And the mirrors in that bar where you can see the reflection of that damn rock (shaped like a coffin, town has an imaginative name, huh?) with some dude dancing atop it. Not seen that myself yet, but the preacher and the shaman have - but how could any of us have seen it when the mirror doesn't face a window and even if it did the rock isn't in that direction?

Went into the general store and found a cross nailed up the wrong way - even our native friend knew there was a problem here so we righted it but this town is still all shades of wrong. There's a library which was never opened and a newspaper press, set up but never used. Looked behind the press and found a door with some dead dude trapped in the room behind. Looked like he gave up struggling kinda fast too.

Actually (apart from the rats and if I never see another I'll be happy) this has been the only place we've had answers so far. See, the dead guy had a kept a journal (no dates though, this place is too weird for that) and it gave us some details on John Daly, the guy who founded Coffin Rock. We'd poked around his burnt down mansion (they reckon that was about 6 months ago, or maybe not. Either way, definitely linked to the weirdness) but not found anything. No one can tell us the name of the guy they hanged for the murder/arson, cept he was just some guy and looks like no one thinks he did it but the Marshall, they're all too afeared a him to even breathe wrong. I'm starting to think he has some strange deal with the church and the doctor - like maybe they're sacrificing people to some kinda demon except that only happens in tales and even after the crazy stuff we've seen, I'm not quite ready to take that jump yet. Will have to talk to the shaman and preacher though. They know more about that kinda thing than me. Think the whores might be in on it too. Something about that place unsettles me, more'n most cathouses.

So yeah, these last few months, we ain't found much out cept that time don't run smooth like it should and you can't trust your eyes or ears in this place. The people, they don't make any sense and the town is not as dead as maybe it should be.

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  1. Rereading your view of the story as this was the last game I ran and, hopefully, we are going back to Deadlands in the new year so I thought it would be a good idea to remind myself of stuff.
    I'd forgotten some of those events :)