Monday 2 June 2014

Ursella Lazula

Ursella is a character I brought into a pre-existing game one of my friends was running. My first taste of 3rd Ed D&D and one of my early games of D&D (I’d mostly played ShadowRun, World of Darkness and ‘Home Brew’ systems to this point).

I elected to play a druid, being a bit hippy-dippy by nature and wanting a break from the rogue variants I’d played in previous D&D games (it’s such a versatile class and I relish having so many skill points). The game was already high enough level I could jump in with a panther as my animal companion, and Tempest arrived as a mewling bundle of black fur, sharp claws and large fangs. The name ‘Ursella’ is a corruption of ‘Ursula’ so maybe the companion should have been a bear, but, y’know. Cats.

Ursella grew up in a remote Halfling village. A group of druids collected and trained her, seeing her potential. She joins the party after being sent out into the wide world alone for the first time. It is possible that this is closer to the history of the other Halfling in the party, actually, but it works well as a way for a new player to join an existing game in a world the other players take for granted – especially when the group has played many games in many worlds and know how the others think and build. Means your character has a reason not to always know things the other players do.

The other characters included the aforementioned other Halfling, Dru, a thievy-type rogue; Hextor whose race and class elude me (Human fighter?); Navek, a half (fire?) Giant whose class again I forget (also a fighter?); and someone else. I did ask my friends but this was a while ago and it’s all a bit vague – although Hextor does have more stuff about him…

Anyway, Dru converted Ursella to her faith in the great god Greg, who could be appeased and appealed to with supplications of tea, biscuits and other nibbles. This being, of course, the GM. It was fun – a nice in game excuse to bribe the ref when things were going badly.

Mostly I wanted to share Ursella because I found her character sheet and (considering I really can’t draw) was rather pleased with the doodles on it. They haven’t scanned very well, but I think you get the idea.

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