Sunday 7 June 2015

Musical A-Z - M (updated)

Macy Gray (update)

This is one of those songs that I can't help but sing along to when it appears on the radio. I remember singing it in the kitchen and car with my little sister and step mum that summer it came out. I love her voice. I like how the lyrics sound like the song should sound sad yet the song always sounds happy to me.


Fun and upbeat. Gone for this song because it's been sung at me so many times in reference to my wardrobe.
Manic Street Preachers

I like the Manics. I know a lot of people think they sound dreary and I can't put my finger on why I like them, but I do.

Marilyn Manson

More teenage memories. Reminds me of friends I've not seen in years and may never see again but who still shaped who I am and so still matter in the story of my life - I'm always excited on the rare occasions I get updates. Manson himself has impressed me with his intelligence - I'm particularly thinking of this article.

Meredith Brooks

I love, love, love this song. Just love it. It was the first time I'd come across 'bitch' in a context other than swearing or a female dog and I think initially I didn't like it (I was very, very anti-swearing once upon a time), but the more I've listened to it over the years, the more it's come to represent a form of freedom to me: the freedom to be unapologetically yourself. 

This was the first dance for two of my very best friends, so a fairly easy choice because it makes me think of them and that makes me smile.

I got into Metallica a little late, I think. Most of my friends at the time - the ones influencing my musical tastes, anyway - were a few years older and had been fans of Metallica for a while. Then St Anger was released and my friends hated it, which I couldn't understand because (not having expectations) I really liked it. Anyway, it meant they didn't expose me to any more Metallica so it wasn't until I was at uni that I really heard any more. Really wish my other set of friends had forgiven them St Anger or at least played me their older stuff so I could understand their anger or whatever, because turns out I really like Metallica.

Michael Buble

 Of all the songs and artists I share, this is the one I'd say most stands out as different. I like his voice, though, and I particularly like his cover of this song. It's one of those songs I'll sing when I think no one is around (got caught out once - waiting at a bus stop late at night and singing with my eyes closed to end and open them to see a German family gathered around watching!)

Michael Jackson
The first album I ever owned was Michael Jackson's Bad. When I was little, my big sister bought it for my birthday and I nearly wore the tape out. I think this was my favourite song on the album. Oh, and watching the video is reminding me why I had a rather large crush on him when I was a bit older. And I'd forgotten how well he could move!

I can't help wondering how much of my current dress sense is as a result of this album... 


Another band I love. Saw them at Reading Festival and they were so good I enjoyed them despite the guy twice my age behind me who had pinned me against him whilst he fondled himself (and all hail the hero who saved me - a kid my age who saw my distress and tried to get physically between us and took me off after to get a pint of squash even though it meant he and I went from nearly the front to the very damn back for the Foo Fighters - and I never even got his name. In fact, the biggest reason I'm mentioning this now is in the vague hopes that some serendipity of the internet means this story will find him and he'll know I've remained grateful every day since).

I was really torn by what song to go for. Pretty sure it should be from Origin of Symmetry but have been very indecisive about which to go for. Ultimately chose this for similar reasons to the Michael Buble song above: it's one I'll sing when I think I'm alone.

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