Wednesday 22 July 2015

Musical A-Z - Q

Let's see if you correctly guessed which bands would come up here... Part of me wanted to go away and discover new Q bands, but that felt like cheating. I Also feel like I should be a fan of Quiet Riot, but I only know 'Cum on feel the noize', and while I like it I don't have the emotional engagement with the song or band for it to meet the ephemeral criteria for inclusion.

This is my favourite Queen song. My big sister sang it quietly to me when my dad married my step-mum: a hugely powerful memory of being overwhelmed by love on a day I found very difficult (my step-mum and I have patched things up, but we had a very unsteady relationship at the time).

By happy coincidence, this is Husbit's favourite Bowie song. 

Queens of the Stone Age

Back to being a teenager. This was the first QotSA song I heard, on a mix-disc either from a friend or free on the front of Kerrang! magazine. Despite my music tastes, I was mostly a very straight-laced teenager and something about this song titillated me - gave me that feeling of rebellion without actually having to actual rebel and risk getting into trouble.

Anyway, I'm off work for this week for a training course. It's being run from New York so I'm doing it online (for some reason my employers weren't prepared to send me to NY for the week...), which means I'm running on American time but in the UK, which feels a little weird. The nice thing is that I'm having time to write in the morning before work rather than trying to squeeze it into my increasingly full evenings, and I'm still getting to sleep in (I'm definitely an owl). I'm also getting so see how Cat spends her home-alone days.

I set up in my normal corner of the sofa yesterday, only to be hounded out of it by the puss (who proceeded to sleep in my spot all day), so I moved laptop and course gubbins to the other side and today she's either been on my lap or outside... Contrary feline!

What do you mean you wanted to sit here? This is *my* spot

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