Sunday 18 October 2015

Musical A-Z - U/V


With both England and Wales out of the World Cup, this seemed a topical song... It wasn't this version, but this song was the one my dad used to sing me to sleep when I was little, so it'll always be special to me, no matter what Australia might do to my rugby teams.


Iconic song of the 90's.

Vampires Rock

Cheating: not a band, but a covers set strung together with a tenuous plot about a vampire night club ("Live and Let Die"). Silly - the actors spend a lot of time corpsing on stage (pun not intended...), and the audience heckles and it's fun. Seen it a few times now: this year, the plot's moved on. Baron von Rockula was killed by Van Halensing as the club burnt down at the end of the original, and it's 100 years later and they're hiding in a ghost train. Full of plot holes, but entertaining, and one of the dancers did a routine on silks that really excited me!

Vanessa Mae

Vanessa Mae is a huge part of why I love strings so much, and this was the piece that brought her into the mainstream. She's incredible.

Velvet Underground

As a teen, I got quite into Eminem to my Dad's consternation. I'm not quite sure why, but he thought if I listened to this I might get over it... It's long, but the story is entertaining.


Spring was always my favourite growing up, but I think I prefer winter now. Both the season and the piece.


For geek value, I was tempted by USS Make Shit Up, but really I wanted to use God Knows because it was the first of his songs I knew. I couldn't find an official version of God Knows; this was the first that came up on the Youtube search, and I'm feeling lazy ;-)  

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