Monday 16 November 2015

Intro to Exalted

Hello! My name's Taji, and this is my brother Kito. We're seven. We'll be eight next week. We're the same age because we're twins. Kito's ten minutes older than me, so he thinks he's in charge.

We live in Derren's Ford with Mummy and Daddy and Han and Yee and Roxy. Han is our big brother and he helped Daddy and us build our fort. He's not our biggest brother, that's Song and he's in the navy, and our biggest sister is Mei and she lives with her husband in Thorns and Yee's our other big sister and she tells the best stories, but she learnt them from Mei. And Roxy's our ox. Daddy lets us ride her sometimes, if we've been very good.

Yesterday, we worked really hard all morning so Daddy said we didn't have to stay in the paddy and if Mummy didn't need us we could play all afternoon. It was a really nice afternoon because Mummy didn't need us and had chocolate for us, so we ran to our fort to eat it there, only Kito ate his on the way and tripped over, and then I couldn't climb the tree and Kito had to help me up (don't tell him, but he is a lot stronger than me). And then our best friends joined us and we played hide and seek, only when it was my turn to seek I walked into a tree and it really hurt, but I'm really brave and managed to find our friends but we couldn't find Kito anywhere and he was really lost and Han had to help. He'd gone really far and said he saw a load of tents and stuff of people coming towards town and Han said it might be a circus! and we really wanted to go to town to see, only it was time for dinner and then bed and so we had to wait til the morning.

We worked really hard again so we could finish early and Mummy let us go to town and we found the merchant she'd bought the chocolate from and we talked him into letting us have some to give to Mummy but no one knew anything about any circus coming, or any big group of people coming so I think Kito was wrong because I couldn't see any tents or anything. We did see a ship that looked like it might be coming in but it was too far away to see the sails. I hope it's Song's ship because I miss him and he always brings stories and presents. But nobody was sure. And then we went home and Mummy said we could have the chocolate we'd got for her and we had dinner and did our chores and went to bed.

Our room is the smallest, but we do have our own room. Yee and Han sleep in the lounge and Mummy and Daddy sleep over the kitchen. I was sleeping really soundly but something woke Kito up and he went and listened and heard Mummy and Daddy and Han and Yee talking about some people coming. Then he came back to bed because he heard them coming and they woke us up and we had to get dressed really quickly and Mummy and Yee and Kito and me went to hide in a tree in the field where Kito got lost, and then Mummy and Yee told us to stay put and went back to help Daddy and Han.

And that was hours and hours ago and they haven't come back yet and don't tell Kito, but I'm getting scared. Really scared.

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