Sunday 3 December 2017

RPG War Stories - Taji & Kito - Taji's Valour Gets Them Mugged

There was a topic I enjoyed in #RPGaDAY2016 - day 5: what story does your group tell about your character? that came to mind again last night. We were coming to the end of the arc (which means a break from Exalted as we try our hand at Mage and then return to Aberrant), so the GM wanted to make sure we had things like our Intimacies in order, and doublechecked our Virtues. Taji's primary Virtue is Valour, and I wish I'd made a note of exactly what it was our GM read out for Valour (which I tried to spell without a 'u' like on the character sheet, but I just can't do it. It looks so weird to me), because immediately Bells and I fell about laughing.

See, there was this time back before Taji and Kito were Solar Exalts, when they were just harmless Heroic Mortals, travelling around the world trying to stay out of trouble like they'd promised the Empress (or something like that...). For one reason or another, they'd ended up in Nexus and heard rumours of people disappearing, probably to be sold into slavery. This being not long after they'd rescued their mother and 2 of their elder siblings from a slave camp, they weren't happy and decided to investigate.

Kito was reluctant to follow Taji's initial plan of wandering around the back streets of the Firewander district (where most disappearances seemed to happen) until they got mugged, and insisted they come up with a better scheme. By this point, it was too late: Taji had expertly manouevred him into an alley in Firewander as they talked. Kito then revealed one of his talents, and discovered someone's knife with his kidney (as an Exalt, he has more healing charms than Taji. Taji insists this is just because he's had more practice).

It was, of course, a ridiculous and foolhardy thing to do, and even though they both nearly died (and for a heartstopping moment Taji really thought she'd lost her brother), she still gets them into scrapes like this all the time.

And it's exactly the sort of behaviour for someone of her level of Valour as described by the book.



  1. I really should learn charms to prevent this, maybe Invulnerable Kidney Prana, or Oh-god Not The Face form!

    Its also why I think it is fitting that Kito's flaw of invulnerability to shrug off any attack does not work when he is not near someone he cares to protect. :) Miss playing them already..

    1. I know! I think I've done 2 Taji write-ups this week because I'm missing her already.

      I really want to write about Thorns but need to figure out the best way of doing it. Then I was going to write a few 'broad strokes' posts with (certain key scenes in detail) to the point of return to Creation, I think.