Saturday 1 August 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 - Day 1, Most Anticipated Forthcoming Game

It begins! I'd been intending to get the first few posts ready in advance and stay ahead so I could actually do a post a day this year... But I've been madly busy so that hasn't happened. I am going to try to get the posts done in advance, though, and release them at noon so that I can carry on posting my usual gubbins in the evenings.

So, forthcoming game I'm most looking forward to. Well, our Aberrant game has just hit an end-of-arc break so we've started an Exalted interlude (I might right now be lying about posting in advance: this one post is being prepped while waiting to be picked up for the intro to that gaem, so I can't let you know much about it). I'm also loving our usual Pathfinder game, although I do miss our primary characters (I like Jvala, but I love Svetlana).

Those are the only games I currently have time for - I prefer huge long campaigns, but it has definite drawbacks in terms of getting to try out all the different games I want to. I have huge ideas for a Hunter campaign and I know Husbit has ideas for Ravenloft, Deadlands and Cyberpunk, all of which I would love to play in...

But I've been really enjoying discovering Lords of Gossomar and Shadow (which I've barely started on. Super busy life :/ ) and I think I'm going to try and run a game even if it's just a one-off. I have lots of ideas for setting, though nothing particularly exciting plot-wise and I'm not confident with the on-the-fly style that does work well with our group. I've got fun ideas for how to write the game up, though - I'd like to write it as a short story and then in a different post write it as a review of both the game and the system.

... It's just occurred to me the idea might be not individual game but rather new system due for publication... In which case, I've backed Paranoia and Scavengers and both have me intrigued.

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